REVIEW: A Massage That Listens To Your Body The Spa at Swissotel Al Ghurair

Do you listen to your body? Is it telling you that it needs more sleep, or is it suffering from stress or depression. In our daily routines, especially when we enter ‘adulthood’ the drudgery can feel overwhelming - work, eat, sleep, repeat, we forget, or become too numb, to communicate with our bodies

However, a new massage at ‘The Spa at Swissotel Al Ghurair’ has an interesting mechanism that listens to your body's needs, even if you don’t hear them anymore.

As we arrive at the venue, the therapist greets us with a warm smile and has us sit in the comfortable lounge. We enjoy a cup of green tea. She then brings a tray to us with four candles and asks us to inhale the fragrance from each of them. We need to tell her which is the strongest smell out of four. 

The more astute of you may have guessed, that the four candles have hidden labels that represent specific treatments - sleep, de-stress, energy boost and mood lift. The therapist explained, your body will sense the strongest odour from the candle  representing what's lacking. In our case, it is sleep.

In our opinion, it’s a direct hit. We are consistently very tired. The therapist begins the treatment by spraying an aromatic mist in the air and allowing the body to absorb it. She then plays meditation chants for half an hour and begins the massage, which has an intense calming effect. You can request the areas you want the therapist to focus on, ahead of time.

Before she begins the therapist explains that it's likely you will fall asleep half way through the massage and it's another direct hit. We fell into a deep slumber even before the halfway mark.

She finishes the massage with a gentle facial and head massage.

Post massage, she suggests we go home, light an aromatherapy candle, and take dinner, followed by a bubble bath for your body to continue the zen vibe journey.

Products are from Neom. Duration 60 minutes Price Dhs 550.

Call 04-2933322.

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