Healing Harp Therapy Massage @ Heart and Soul Spa

Set within the serene and picturesque surroundings of Al Barari, Heart and Soul Spa offers an escape from our hectic daily lives, and aims to restore you with the soothing effects of nature. Expanding on their menu they are now offering the Harp Healing massage, which combines an hour long full body massage with the soothing sounds of an exclusive and private harp performance.

What’s involved?

The Harp Healing Therapy promises to combine the healing power of music with relaxation. The harpists play so that your body absorbs the invisible vibrations of the sound. The vibrations from a harp are said to be especially powerful for changing our body’s energy. Each string vibrates with its whole length, so the body can feel the vibrations even if the ear cannot hear the sounds. The harpist will play special tunes and keys that will relieve anxiety and stress, help release tension and relax while you enjoy a full body massage.

What are the results?

Heart and Soul Spa blew me away, the design, treatment rooms and location is simply sublime. The massage itself was lovely and the pure sounds of the harp was actually very soothing. A nice change from the usual spa type of music.


The Healing Harp massage is available during May priced at Dhs 950, and needs to be booked 48 hours in advance.

For appointments visit www.heartandsoul.ae or call 04-3207350 . -L.C

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