Let’s Face It: Cosmetic Surgery For Men

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more freely discussed between women. But, with the number of patients increasing, why are men, generally, still not comfortable admitting that they’ve gone under the knife? Age and life affects us all so it’s no surprise that the male population also opt for medical intervention. It’s not just the fairer sex that are concerned about their looks as well as how they feel in their own skin. So, for the sake of raising awareness into cosmetic surgery for men - whether it’s the most popular concerns or the sheer amount of men partaking, we’ve spoken to the experts to get everything you’ve asked, answered.

Are more men concerned about their appearance than they used to be?

Looking good is no longer just a woman’s game. More and more men are taking pride in their appearance and becoming more comfortable in asking for help. 
Dr. Matteo Vigo, Plastic Surgeon at HealthBay Polyclinic said, “I, as a plastic surgeon, am seeing a rapid increase in the number of men among my patients. But I can surely say that also spas, beauty, and barber shops are having the same increase, due to the factors explained above. As we all know, the actual society is very keen on beauty and a groomed and pleasant physical aspect is required to have success in your job and private life. That's why a lot of men are looking towards the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.”

Are men less or more inclined to opt for cosmetic surgery than in previous years?

Through being constantly connected to social media and the Hollywood world of perfection, the population is generally becoming more exposed to how the other half lives. Part of which, is how the other half looks. And, let’s be honest, it’s hard to find a celebrity out there who hasn’t had a little nip or tuck here and there. Dr Sanjay Parasha, Plastic Surgeon at Cocoona said, “Its not the case now, that it used to be about 7-8 years ago. Recently the number of men opting for cosmetic procedure is increasing. Back in the day we used to only see 20% of men seeking cosmetic procedures but the percentage has changed to almost 50%. The are several reasons: awareness about cosmetic procedures have increased, they also would like to look and feel good. Media, lifestyle and social awareness are some other reasons why men do not want to be left behind.”

What are the most common aesthetic concerns for men?

Our bodies change over time and, frankly, things start to go south (literally!) But, you’re not alone, the majority of men over a certain age share the same concerns about their bodies.

Dr. Punam Jawahar Bijlani, Plastic Surgeon at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital says that the most common concerns are:

Belly fat - Most of the fat is stored either inside the abdomen and some fat is stored inside the abdominal muscles. These areas of fatty tissue are treated best through diet and exercise. Another good reason to be aggressive in treating these areas of fat is because these are the types of fat deposits that increase your risk for cardiac disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, etc. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can help you determine in which layers an individual’s fat is being stored and what options are best for the patient

Man-boobs (Gynecomastia) - A male breast reduction is the most effective known treatment for gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This cosmetic surgery procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter, firmer and more masculine contour to the chest. Due to genetics, use of certain medications, or other unspecified reasons, some men develop the appearance of enlarged breasts. It is estimated that up to 50% of men experience some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetime. Gynecomastia can present at any age, and male breast reduction can be performed safely and successfully on teenagers and adult men alike. While losing weight can help reduce the appearance of male breasts for some men, often times there is excess glandular tissue as well, causing even very lean patients to notice enlarged breasts. Currently, male breast reduction is the only consistently effective treatment for gynecomastia that has long lasting, if not permanent, results. Following this surgery, patients commonly say they feel comfortable going shirtless for the first time in years, and report an enhanced sense of self-confidence. This can be done by liposuction or a surgical excision or if the need arises by both.

Baldness - There are various hair transplant techniques available now with very good success rates. However every man is not a candidate and treatments need to be individualised

Muscular physique - Various liposuction techniques which produce high definition play of light and shadow may be implemented along with other methods such as implants in the chest, shoulders, arms, and legs that make them look noticeably muscular. However there is no replacement for a concomitant healthy lifestyle and diet, and results may be compromised by a lack of.

What is the most popular procedure for men?

If you’ve expressed concerns about your body, you’ve probably been told to “hit the gym.” However, a surprisingly small amount of people are actually able to shake body fat from exercise alone. Dr Sanjay, Cocoona said, “The two most popular procedures in our centre is body shaping by vaser liposuction and hair transplantation. Men are becoming more conscious about their weight and shape. Most men hate their bellies sticking out and love handles protruding. Many of them are into diet management and exercise, quite a few are able to achieve the desired shape, but many struggle due to stubborn nature of fat, excessive fat that makes it difficult for them to shed, and simply a busy work schedule. Hair is always considered as a sign of youthfulness and machoism. And loosing hair can be stressful for men that affects their confidence. Hair transplants have changed many peoples lives and men are becoming aware of the benefits of 
such a procedure.” 

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