REVIEW: Digital Detox at SensAsia Urban Spa

If you are a victim of modern day digital advancements like a lot of us, which clearly means either you are constantly looking at your computer screen or mobile, you must be familiar with repetitive strains, slouchy posture, sore back, aching shoulders, neck and waist, sore wrist, headache, and the list goes on. However, we have found a sanctuary for you that will give you some upper body relaxation and rejuvenation.

SensAsia Urban Spa, known for its Balinese, Japanese and Thai massages, where the east meets the west, has introduced a brand new massage for digitally drained bodies - Digital Detox.

Inquisitive to know more about this much in demand new age massage, we took ourselves to the spa's Palm Jumeirah branch on the Golden Mile. The spa is at the mezzanine level, and the lift from the parking level to level M opens to a mind-soothing fragrance, a pleasing entrance lined with beautiful stones and trickling water leading you to the spa’s huge black entrance door.

Black and golden hues have been used to bring the elements of opulence to the spa.

As you enter the spa, you are asked to take a seat, remove your shoes and are given a comfortable pair of slippers to put on. I was introduced to my therapist Kadek who before the massage, gave me a tour of the facility, which consists of six therapy rooms, one relaxation lounge and a changing room.

After changing into a soft robe, the therapist showed me the massage room which was dimly lit, had a pleasing fragrance and meditative background music.

The massage started with a foot massage followed by inhalation of organic essential oils. Later, the series of massages included back, arms, hands, neck and a head massage using a mixture of an organic balm and essential oils. A 45 minute-long pressure point massage is a perfect treat for exhausted bodies sending them to a deep slumber for a while.

To finish off, post-massage, you are served a delicious cup of ginger tea and a salad in the relaxation lounge.

Digital Detox Dhs 375, Products ELEMIS UK Call 04-4227115.

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