REVIEW: Yoga Tips To Keep Your Cool

Summer is here and it is certainly not about pleasant sunshine. Continuous sweating and dry skin becomes a routine and all you want to do is to jump into a pool or stay indoors with the AC on. Sometimes excessive heat and dehydration leave the body exposed to heat strokes. Some yoga poses have the capability to cool down your body naturally. We suggest you incorporate these yoga poses in your usual routine as a long lasting solution to your summer woes.

Some naturally cooling yoga poses and breathing techniques
Child’s pose - Keep the knees and ankles close to one another as you sit back onto your heels. If your head doesn’t easily touch the ground, slip a block or pillow under your forehead. Reach your hands back to the outsides of your feet, with the palms face-up, and fingers effortlessly curled in toward the palms. Allow the shoulders to wrap around the thighbones in a passive and supported manner. Gently tuck the chin in toward the chest so the nose is free and clear for normal breathing. Stay here for at least a minute.

Savasana or corpse pose - The final relaxation pose of every yoga class can be practiced on its own. This pose works wonders for your brain and calms any anxious thoughts, while also giving you space to rest and cool down. To move into this simple, but beautiful pose, lie flat on your mat, with your back to the floor and face up to the sky. Rest your palms facing upwards so that they receive renewing energy.

Sitali breathing technique - Inhale for four counts through the rolled tongue, like sipping air with a straw. Then close your mouth and exhale for six counts through your nostrils. This is one round of the cooling breath. As you inhale, the air is cooled down by the moist tongue, and you'll feel the air being colder when entering your body.

Input from Vibe Fitness & DRYP yoga.

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