Get the most from your spa treatments

Make sure you get the maximum effect from every spa moment with this five-step guide. 

1. Prepare your nervous system and skin before each treatment

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your treatment and prepare your skin by taking a shower, steam, sauna, another steam and then a final shower. This will vitalise your skin making treatments more effective and allowing aroma oils to absorb more easily.

2. Give feedback to your spa therapist during treatment

Giving feedback to your therapist during treatment will help them discover areas where tension and knots have built up so that they can work more effectively and produce better results.

3. Pain is not always good

While it is good to feel that the therapist and the technique are strong enough to work out your knots, it is important that it is not too painful. Too much pain causes the muscles to tighten up after the treatment and cause discomfort. A more effective approach is to book two or three massages to focus on areas where tension has built up. As the muscles release the therapist can then work deeper and create more flexibility.

4. One massage is not enough to clear all tension from the body

To really feel the effects you should try to plan at least three massages over a week, particularly if you are holding on to a lot of tension. The key systems of the body (circulation, muscular, nerves) need time to reboot and each massage will work a little deeper. USpa by Constance, with its ‘Classics’ and ‘Deluxe’ ranges of treatments provides experiences that are deeply therapeutic, simple yet enjoyable.

5. Work with your therapist to create a home spa routine

Find out from your therapist what you can do to continue the benefits of treatments at home. Aromatherapy products, like those offered at USpa, can be used in the shower or bath to help keep you stress free.

With thanks to Constance Hotels & Resorts’ Corporate Spa Manager and Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Chase Webber.

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