10 bad beauty habits to kick this year

10 bad beauty habits to kick this year

Breaking bad habits is never easy but it’s high time to save face and kick them to the curb.

1. Drinking out of a straw
Using a straw may seem harmless and many people believe that it’s better for you. But in actual fact, the act of drinking from a straw requires you to purse your lips which encourages the development of fine lines around your mouth. This is sometimes referred to as ‘smokers lines,’ which involves the same action. Straws also encourage sugary liquids to sit in your mouth rather than being washed down which exposes your teeth to damage.

2. Not changing your pillowcase regularly
To put it delicately, your bed can be a bit of a filthy mess. Our bed linens become a safe haven for bacteria and dirt which build up while we sleep. Not changing your pillowcase leave your skin and hair open to these nasties! Cotton pillowcases also soak up moisture from your skin and can cause your skin to dry out and drag, decreasing its elasticity. Silk or satin pillowcases are less likely to do you damage as they don’t soak up oils or pull on your skin.

3. Not taking your makeup off before a work-out
When we get hot, our pores expand which can leave them more exposed to the elements. During a work out, your body temperature increases along with your heart rate. Plus, there’s a lot of other sweaty bodies in the gym too. Combine that with sweat, bacteria on weights and yoga mats as well as makeup and your pores can become clogged!

4. Using the wrong shampoo
A common misconception is that the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling you get after you wash your hair means your shampoo is working. That feeling is actually the absence of the natural oils that your scalp produces - which is imperative to your hair’s health. Shampoos that strip away the oils, take away the protective coating on your hair and making it more likely to break.

5. Skipping out on base coat
Base coat is to nails what primer is to your skin. Applying a base coat protects your nails from chemicals that may cause them to become fragile and brittle. It also means you avoid getting those pesky stains that simply wont budge!

6. Overheating your hair
Hot shower, blow-dry, straighten! A woman’s typical hair routine involves a lot of heat. The problem with heat is that it expands the hair’s cuticle which makes it thinner and more fragile. Skip out on a blow-dry and let the air do its magic and finish off a shower with a splash of cold water to seal the cuticle.

7. Biting your nails
Nail biting has become somewhat of a taboo in the beauty world. But, on average, 30 per cent of us still do it. Aside from ingesting bacteria which can damage your health, biting your nails can leave your cuticles and skin around your finger tips raw which can lead to nasty infections! If you struggle with biting, there are ointments that give off a nasty flavour or invest in a stick-on manicure to give your beds a rest!

8. Touching your face
It’s a natural reaction to pick at your blemishes, we all do it. But, touching the pimple can cause infection or the bacteria to spread, resulting in a further problems. We actually touch our faces on average 3.6 times a dayConstantly being in contact with your skin can actually make it break out!

9. Getting exfoliation happy
Removing dead-skin cells are important if you want to brighten up your complexion and get the most out of your beauty products. However, over exfoliating can cause serious damage to your skin’s natural oils. Exfoliating products themselves can also cause damage. Many products contain micro-beads which are tiny bits of plastic that can create small cuts in your skin, making it prone to infection! It’s recommended that you exfoliate 1-2 times a week using mild, natural scrubs.

10. Licking your lips
If your lips are dry it’s almost impossible not to lick them, but it actually dries them out even more. Your saliva contains acids that irritate your lips and continuous licking removes any natural oils you have on your lips. Invest in a good lip balm that protects and soothes your lips, gently exfoliate and stay hydrated for the perfect pout! 

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