REVIEW: Restoring body wrap at Iridium Spa St Regis Hotel

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart as it is quite thorough. However, if you suffer from dry, undernourished skin that’s aching for a detox, a Restoring Body Wrap is the way to go.

What’s involved?
Quite a lot. First, the therapist rubbed my skin with a dry brush to help loosen any dead skin which made for one of those satisfying moments. Then she used an exfoliating scrub - and scrub she did! This was an unusual sensation as it was essentially a massage but with sand instead of oil. The scrub then had to be rinsed in the shower which already left my skin feeling unbelievably smooth. After my first rinse, I was then covered head-to-toe in an Algae mud which smelled like a holiday and transported me to an exotic beach - not literally, of course. Next, the therapist wrapped me up in the sheets and a big, fluffy towel in a manner that I can only describe as ‘swaddling.’ I have probably never been more comfortable in my life. Once the mud had dried and I had had enough of a nap, it was then time to hit the shower for another rinse, by which time my skin was actually baby soft - and not from the swaddle. The mud is infused with essential oils that rejuvenate your skin, give it some serious TLC and leave it completely hydrated.

What are the results?
Soft, hydrated and nourished skin. I was a bit on-the-fence about the scrubbing process as I felt that, with having sensitive skin, it would actually cause irritation. But, my skin has never been more grateful for so much attention!

How much?
The Restoring Body Wrap is Dhs 580 for 60 minutes. 

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