Drizzle Deep Massage at The Westin, Habtoor City

It’s no secret that Disneyland has been dubbed ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ and whilst that title has been claimed, I’ve just found ‘The Most Relaxing Place on Earth.’ From stepping into the Heavenly Spa to leaving, I felt lighter than air.

The staff greeted me with smiles and a cup of strawberry tea which was a very pleasant change from rushed morning coffees. Before being led to the changing room, I filled out a form in which I stated the hardness of my massage and what I wanted to get from it, whether it be relaxation, de-stress or to fix an ailment with my muscles. Having experienced a number of massages where I left feeling battered and bruised, it was nice to have a ‘cards-on-the-table’ situation before it actually started. I selected a relaxation massage with light/medium pressure. Wimp!

What’s involved?

The changing room and facilities themselves are enough to get you incredibly unwound, even without a treatment. The Drizzle Deep Massage is definitely ‘drizzly’ as the therapist literally poured hot oil onto my skin before rubbing it in. The oil consists of pure shea, cocoa and mango butters that are melted, drizzled and massaged into the skin for a deeply restorative and warming deep tissue full body massage.

What are the results?

The term ‘deep tissue,’ always gives me concerns that I’ll leave in agony after being poked and prodded and I’ve always envied people in the movies who leave spas looking zen and revived. However, I was the definition of zen after a day at The Heavenly Spa. Plus, my skin has never experienced TLC like it!

How much?

The Drizzle Deep Massage is Dhs 435 for 50 minutes or Dhs 635 for 80 minutes.

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