REVIEW: Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Treatment @ Tips and Toes

I wouldn’t say I have ‘problematic skin’ as I was quite blessed to go through my teenage years into adulthood with very few breakouts and next to no issues. However, one personal problem I’ve noticed is that my skin tends to be red and irritated over the slightest thing. Whether it’s a new product, mild exfoliation, or just for the sake of being difficult, my skin will go fifty shades of beetroot. So, I went to get some help from the experts.

What’s involved?
Lorna sat me down and we discussed the issues I have with my skin and we decided that it was sensitive. She suggested that with my skin type, the best treatment would be the Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Treatment. The treatment aims to calm down redness and irritated skin and is completely natural. The product is collected by bees and is applied to desensitise the skin’s surface and strengthen capillaries.

As with any beauty treatment, there is an element of pain involved and extractions are particularly painful. I personally almost dread facials for that exact reason. But, whether it was the incredible gentleness of the beauty therapist’s hands, or the help of the pre-steaming, the extractions were less uncomfortable and more ‘this is great I’m going to look like Heidi Klum in a minute.’

The mask is applied last and is ice cold - great for sensitive skin because it soothes inflammation and puffiness that you may have.

What are the results?
Glowing skin! Although I didn’t leave the salon looking like Heidi Klum, my skin has never been more glowing. It looked and felt super hydrated and soothed!

How much?
The Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Treatment is priced at Dhs 380.

Tips and Toes has multiple locations across Dubai, visit to book.

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