Hydradermie Double Ionization facial @ En Vogue Beauty Center

Hydradermie Double Ionization facial @ En Vogue Beauty Center

I spend a lot of time outdoors, even in the height of summer. And while I’m dedicated to my factor 50 my skin does look dull, dry and dehydrated - which as we know means more wrinkles!
One of the fastest ways to revive and nourish with double doses of moisture is at En Vogue Beauty Center, with luxurious Hydradermie Double Ionization facial.

What’s involved?

The Hydradermie Double Ionization facial, developed by the renowned French beauty brand Guinot, is a 60-minute treatment that deep cleanses the skin, increases radiance and moisturise. It uses positive and negative ions to rehydrate the deeper layers of the skin and speed up cellular regeneration.
The treatment starts off as a normal facial with a cleansing and toning. Then the double ionization serum gels are applied and two small metal rollers are massaged over the skin - one producing positive electrodes and the other, negative - giving twice the benefits. The positive current helps the nutrients of the treatment gels to go deeper into the skin, while the negative current pulls the impurities out. This is followed by an application of a high-frequency current with a high oxygen content gel that improves circulation below the skin. The gels were chosen by the therapist and based on my skin’s needs. The facial finished with a relaxing massage to soften the facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin.

What are the results?

My skin looked fabulously soft, radiant and moisturised. This is total rehydration in just 60 minutes and even better, the results can still be seen a few weeks later.

How much?

The treatment is priced at Dhs 400.
En Vogue Beauty Center is located at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel The Walk call 04-4501055, Global Lake View Tower Jumeirah Lake Towers call 04-5513855 and Central Park Dubai International Financial Centre call 04-3322995. -L. C.

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