HD Brows & LVL lashes at Browz

HD Brows & LVL lashes at Browz

Some serious overplucking when I was a teenager left me with threadbare brows which only seemed to get worse as I got older. Couple that with my blond eyelashes and it’s no wonder I look permanently tired without make-up! So I went to see if the experts could help.

What’s involved?
Gemma could tell I was nervous so she explained everything first and started slowly so the effects would be more gradual. In simple terms, High Definition Brows (HD) is tinting, waxing and threading with a specially designed formula to give you perfectly defined brows.

First the best shape for my face was measured, the tint was added and left on for a few minutes. Then Gemma used a combination of threading and waxing to take away all the little hairs and tidy up my look.

Even if you have sparse areas, Browz can work with you on a re-growth programme to help you achieve the perfect brows and teach you how to fill in the gaps while they are growing.

Then it was on to the lashes, LVL Lashes is a revolutionary new treatment especially designed to resolve your eyelash troubles for good. LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift. One of the many reasons it has risen to popularity is the fact that all you need are your natural lashes, so no fiddling with the falsies.

More advanced and efficient than traditional lash perms, LVL straightens the eyelashes out from the root and allowing them to reach their fullest potential by looking longer and thicker. You lie back for about 45 minutes; your therapist adds the tint and the treatment and leaves it to set.

What are the results?
Big eyes! My eyebrows looked more defined and much thicker and less sparse then normal. While my eyelashes looked long and thick, so much so that I don’t really feel like I need make-up! Result!

How much?
HD Browz are priced at Dhs 300. LVL Lashes are priced at Dhs 390.

Browz is located in The Mall, Jumeirah Road. Call 04-3214828 for appointments. - L.C.

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