Beauty in a beat

Beauty in a beat

Big lashes

Want big, voluminous lashes without worrying about falsies? Applying mascara to both sides of your lashes will make them look fuller. Then giving them a quick blast with your hairdryer on a cool setting will make them curl upwards and set the mascara, so when you blink you don’t get panda eyes.

Warm it

A tired or rushed hand makes a wibbly line. If you heat up your pencil first the point will be thicker and softy allowing for easier application and a quicker smoky eye.

Make them pop

Make your eyes pop by adding a dab of a light-coloured shimmery eyeshadow in the corner. It opens up your face and gives the illusion of wider eyes. You can also use a nude colour eyeliner to line inside you lower rim, this will wake up tired eyes.

In a spot

Apply your foundation first then concealer afterwards, otherwise you’ll end up removing the concealer when you apply the foundation. It also means you only need a tiny dab of concealer.

Not on your lips

Looking a bit washed out? Use your little wonder stick on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Swipe it along your brow bone, lips and cheekbone, then blend it with your finger tips for a subtle glow.

Take it off

Waterproof make-up is a must here but taking it off at the end of the day can be difficult, especially around the delicate eye area. So think olive oil or coconut oil. If you have oily skin and are thinking this would make your skin even worse, don’t worry as oil will naturally dissolve the dirty oils on your skin without stripping your skin of its natural oil, which is actually what causes the skin to produce excess oil in the first place. Use cotton wool or your finger tips and rub in gentle circular motions.

No more oil

You know the story, you wake up late, still tired and the thought of washing and drying your hair is simply too much effort - which is why we all love a little dry shampoo. But did you know that applying it before you go to bed will absorb all the excess sweat and oil overnight, making your hair that little bit more bearable in the morning.

No more flyaway

Dubai’s heat and humidity has an annoying habit of exacerbate the frizzy and flyaway hairs. Natural oils can help, argan oil seals the cuticles and protects your hair from the humidity. While a tiny amount of coconut oil will flatten flyaway locks, it also penetrates the hair shaft and keeps it hydrated.

Touch up cheat

If you need your roots touching up but haven’t got time to get the salon, then tease your hair from the roots into waves and create a messy side part to help disguise the growth. A little dry shampoo at the roots will also stop any oil build up through the day which can make roots look darker.

Don’t forget your knees

We all have a little spritz of perfume inside our elbows, on our wrists and neck but don’t forget about your knees. It’s simple logic: heat rises so it makes sense to apply perfume to the lower part of your body so it evaporates around you all day.

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