Review: Meso Peel at SlimSpa

I’ve noticed that my skin has been looking a bit tired and dull recently so SlimSpa recommended that I try the Meso Peel. It removes excess dead skin, and is great if you suffer from pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, spots or dark skin spots.

What’s involved?

My skin was cleansed to remove all excess oils. The mask was applied and left on to penetrate through the top layer of skin. The mask does tingle slightly so if you have sensitive skin you could use a lower concentration. The mask is a combination of hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and Vitamin C and can be used in two strengths: 25% or 35%. I opted for 25% as I have never tried anything like this before. The stronger solution is recommended for deeper wrinkles. When the mask is removed you can see the excess skin being removed and you can feel your skin becoming smoother and more radiant. Once completely removed a collagen gel is applied to sooth the skin and moisturise.

What are the results?

The results can be seen and felt immediately. My skin was so smooth, felt really hydrated and looked brighter and clearer! The small marks I had from old spots had also lessened. I will definitely be going back next month to repeat the treatment with the stronger solution for maximum results.

How much?

The treatment is priced at Dhs 600. SlimSpa is currently offering all Connector readers 35% off this treatment for February, at Dhs 390 
per treatment.

Free parking is available. Contact SlimSpa on 04-3213485 or visit -T.C.

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