Shrinking Violet Wrap @ Sisters Beauty Lounge

Everyone is looking for that perfect beach body, but let's be honest most of us would prefer it to come without spending hours in the gym or from some heinous diet. In fact wouldn't it be great if it just came in a bottle? Well it kind of does! Thanks to a revolutionary and unique body wrap treatment called Shrinking Violet Wrap, you can see immediate effects, with real inch loss!

What's involved?

I was measured and the therapist applied a very nice smelling oil all over me, then wrapped me in cling film and then I had a little snooze for 50 minutes while it did its magic.

The wrap removes fat from all over the body especially the problem areas such as upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs using a method called lipolysis. Lipolysis works by breaking down fat stored within your fat cells. The main ingredient in Shrinking Violet is a phospholipid, an ingredient used in fat dissolving injections.

The active ingredients penetrate the skin in seconds and the heat generated from the wrap forces the oil into the skin where the active ingredient is attracted to the fat cells, where it breaks down the fatty acids. Simply put, think of a fat cell as a grape before treatment and a raisin after treatment and the process continues over 72 hours.

What are the results?

I did actually drop a dress size with one treatment - I lost 5 inches with the first treatment and 3 inches with the second. To kick start major inch loss, Shrinking Violet suggests 5 treatments in one month, then 1 wrap a week for a month to maintain the inch loss.

How much?

The Shrinking Violet Wrap is priced at Dhs 650 per session or Dhs 2,600 for 5 sessions.

Call Village Mall on 04-3420787. -L.C.

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