The Mobiliser

It’s a long story and not one I’ll bore you with today, but about 12 years ago I had an accident which caused a hairline fracture to one of my vertebrae. So for years I have been seeing an osteopath on a regular basis to try and move the scar tissue, relax the muscles and relieve my spine. The osteopath helps, but if I am honest, I’m rubbish at committing myself to all the home exercises that would help me gain more flexibility. I was quite happy to just bumble along until I started horse riding again and it was then I realised just how inflexible 

I was, and not only was it causing me stiffness and pain, but it was not helping my horse either.

So when my hubby told me he had found something in Dubai that could help increase the flexibility in my back and that it had been used by high level equestrian sportsters including Carl Hester, Sandy Phillips, Bettina Hoy and Harry Meade, I demanded to be taken immediately!

What’s involved?

The Mobiliser is a mobilisation and massage system that needs no masseuse. It takes direct control of each vertebral joint and encourages them to become more mobile and get you moving. It is said to improve thoracic flexibility, target back ache and sciatica and rejuvenate aching legs and feet. All you need to do is lie on the bed while two rollers move up and down your body from feet to head, and let the infrared elements warm you gently.

What are the results?

Okay, so I want one! I’ve been using it twice a day (15 minutes each) for the last couple of weeks and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my flexibility. My horse has also noticed and it allows her to have greater movement due to my riding position! Hubby is also using it and the long term lower back stiffness he had for years is improving. But here is my favourite bit - I’m sleeping better! It is so relaxing that I have gone from sleeping 4 or 5 disjointed hours a night to a straight six - my feet are doing their little happy dance as I type!

How much?

Taster sessions at the centre in Dubai Mall start from Dhs 150. You can rent The Mobiliser to use at home for Dhs 2,000 per month or purchase one for the special offer price of Dhs 18,000 (usual price Dhs 19,700) only for Connector readers. Call 04-368 0994 or 050-7087260 or visit, email -L.C

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