Connector October 2022

Health and Wellness Health and Wellness CONNECTOR.AE ad 32 .A Contents Health a d Wellnes 34 29 CONNECTOR.AE People undergoing treatment for breast cancer as well as survivors, families of people affected by breast cancer and supporters, have all been seen donning pink ribbons and lapel pins to show their support and raise awareness of the cause. Although the ribbon is a popular symbol for breast cancer awareness screenings and campaigns, many of us do not know its origins. The ribbon was originally created in 1991, by breast cancer survivor Charlotte Haley from California, USA. Determined to raise awareness as a breast cancer survivor, Charlotte began hand-making peach-coloured ribbons in her dining room and handing five ribbons out with a card saying "The National Cancer Institute's annual budget is $1.8bn, only 5% goes for cancer prevention. Help us wake up legislators and America by wearing this ribbon." Origins Of The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held every October, and as a symbol of solidarity, the pink ribbon is worn. The ribbons with the cards were handed out at supermarkets and by writing to prominent women in authority, including the First Ladies of America, encouraging accountability to be taken to help prevent breast cancer. As awareness grew, Charlotte was asked by Self Magazine and Estee Lauder to collaborate with them, however, she felt a collaboration would make the cause too commercial and turned it down. As pink is usually associated with femininity, the companies then went on to create a pink coloured ribbon, which is now widespread as the ribbon dedicated to breast cancer awareness. During October, it is good to remember Charlotte Haley for the dedication and effort put into raising awareness of breast cancer, and continuing to ensure people get check-ups as well as perform self-examinations.