Connector November 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Dining Around Dining Around Chef ’s Corner: Roberto Segura Food is an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, however, some people have a stronger passion for cooking and pursue a career in it, serving diners at a restaurant with brilliant food to keep them coming back for more. Chef Roberto Segura, Executive Chef at TABU, Business Bay, found his calling for food at a young age, and has since been taking strides in the culinary sector to bring unique flavours to the restaurant. Starting his journey in 2005, Chef Roberto Segura studied in Peru, before travelling around the globe from Chile, Argentina, and New York, before making his mark in Dubai. Chef Roberto Segura uses food as an outlet to showcase his creativity, constantly innovating with various flavours to serve dishes that make the mouth water. In this feature, Connector spoke to Chef Roberto Segura, where he shared his humble beginnings in the culinary industry, to his favourite dish. How did you get started in the food industry? My journey in the food industry came to life thanks to my father’s inspiration, as he was the one cooking at home all the time. Coming from the Northern Peru area, where the best food and flavours come from, my 11 year old self took on the challenge of making my very first dish. Since then, I have never stopped cooking at home for my family and friends. Later in 2005, I took my culinary passion down a more professional route, and enrolled in the esteemed Culinary School of Los Andes in Lima, Peru. This is when I quickly started gaining more experience at renowned restaurants across Peru. What is your earliest cooking memory? I come from a home and country, that loves to cook, eat and celebrate together with family and friends, it is part of our culture. During my childhood, I remember endless Sundays surrounded by loved ones enjoying traditional Peruvian dishes like ceviche, lamb seco with beans, causa, and so much more. These experiences filled my memory and palate with happiness and an explosion of flavours that I will never forget. What is your favourite dish from your country? Definitely, ceviche, which I literally eat every day. What is the one go-to and easy snack you love making for midnight cravings? I do not eat anything at midnight, but in the evening from time to time, I have cravings for canned tuna with white rice, lime and mayonnaise. What is the one raw ingredient you cannot cook without from your country? Aji Amarillo, it is a yellow chilli with a delicate fruity flavour and is mildly spicy. It is used in at least 50% of Peruvian dishes, and I love cooking with it. What is the best dish to try at the restaurant? The Black Black Cod is one of the signature dishes on the menu. It is black cod cooked in a mix of miso paste, squid ink and black sesame sauce, which is a must-try.