Connector November 2022

Health and Wellness 50 CONNECTOR.AE As there is no cure for diabetes, it is essential to be mindful and always seek medical assistance, if symptoms are felt. However, people that are looking to make a change to their lifestyle as a precautionary measure or due to family history can monitor and prevent diabetes in two crucial ways: Healthy eating: Food provides nourishment for the body, but over time, with the surge in consumption of junk food and unhealthy food options, a balanced meal is no longer consumed. Dr Nisrine Al Ghazal of Mediclinic Dubai Mall and Al Sufooh said that, "Individuals with a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, should consume a diet low in carbohydrates, which will keep the pancreas 'more rested' and delay the onset of diabetes." Additionally, Dr Sheena Cherry of Emirates Hospital advised to, "Drink water as your primary beverage as it will limit your high sugar intake, minimise the intake of processed food and to consume probiotics daily as it can keep your gut healthy, helping in proper glucose metabolism." Exercise regularly: As we live a sedentary lifestyle and do not incorporate as much physical exercise into our daily activities, it takes a toll on our well-being and can lead to ailments like diabetes, lethargy and more. Dr Sheena Cherry of Emirates Hospital mentioned that, "It is important to lose excess weight, especially the visceral fat in the midsection and around the abdomen, as it is associated with high insulin resistance, inflammation, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes." As advised by Dr Nisrine Al Ghazal of Mediclinic Dubai Mall and Al Sufooh, "To avoid type 2 diabetes and one must maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and be active." Diabetes is a disease, but the risks can be reduced and kept in control if preventive measures are taken earlier on. This November, remind your family members and friends and encourage them to get regular checkups done to regulate sugar levels. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet will definitely increase the standard of living, and by motivating one another to stay fit and eat healthy, diabetes can be prevented.