Connector May 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 52 Lifestyle Etisalat Academy - Mirdiff Gems Founders School - Al Barsha +971 50 102 6265 focus on what your heart is telling you. I know barriers are going to come along the way, and they are inevitable, and people will question you or may not be as encouraging, but that is okay. You need to know who you are, and what you set out to do, and if you work towards it, there is nothing that can stop your desire to change the world.” Himakshi believes that with passion, anything is possible, and with the support of her peers and parents, has been able to live out her dream and bring sustainable products to the forefront. With hopes to make the brand available globally, Himakshi said, “One thing we want to ensure with the Sustainery Co is that our products are not just one range and one line. We want to make sure we are diversifying our products because trends change and people change, and we want to be that company that keeps up with the change and makes everything trendy.” As climate change is a prevalent issue, we can all take inspiration from Himakshi’s journey and do our part to make a difference, one step at a time, be it by shopping for sustainable stationery or by not littering wherever we go. One of the highlights of the club was the beach cleanup as parents and students joined in, and was an eye-opening experience, even though Dubai beaches are cleaner in comparison to beaches in other countries. The objective of the cleanup was to collect as many cigarette butts as possible as they are made out of 95% plastic, and 4.5 trillion are littered every year around the world. Himakshi said, “When we actually conducted the beach cleanup, we were able to pick up so many cigarette butts. We do not even notice it, but when we make that incentive and have that goal to actually clean up the beach, we realised there is actually a lot of litter there.” With initiatives that are targeted at helping make a change and stop climate action, it gives rise to concerns and the role individuals can play, with Himakshi adding, “Every individual action contributes to something larger, that can go positively or negatively. If individuals keep littering, that is going to accumulate and become something bigger, but we can flip that, and if everyone takes responsibility and does not litter themselves, it is their own way of getting involved.” As she started at an early age, Himakshi is able to advise young people that they can also make a change, “You know yourself best and if you are genuinely passionate about something, if you feel like you can make a change, ignore everything else and