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CONNECTOR.AE 24 CONNECTOR.AE 25 Dining Around Dining Around LPM Restaurant and Bar Dubai, located at Gate Village No. 8, DIFC, has launched a special Iftar menu for Ramadan, offering an array of Mediterranean flavours perfect for sharing with loved ones. Available daily from 6pm to 8.30pm at Dhs 265 per person, the four-course meal includes soup, dates, shared starters, a main course, dessert, and side dishes. Enjoy starters like burrata with cherry tomatoes and warm prawns, and mains like homemade rigatoni pasta end your meal with cassata with fresh raspberries or the classic crème brûlée. 04-4390505 Clap Dubai, located in DIFC Gate Village, has launched an exclusive Iftar menu for Ramadan. Available daily from sunset until 7.30pm, the menu blends tradition and innovation seamlessly. Priced at Dhs 275 per person, the journey begins with traditional dates, dried figs, and apricots, followed by a refreshing miso soup and seasoned edamame. The Iftar feast also boasts a sushi and salad section offering dishes like shrimp tempura rolls, shiitake mushroom rolls, and tomato burrata salad. For mains, you can try dishes like Clap chicken katsu, black cod miso and more. 04-5693820 Jun’s, located in Downtown Dubai is offering a specially curated menu for Ramadan. Available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the Iftar feast promises an authentic blend of flavours. Start your meal with a refreshing mocktail and fresh dates, followed by corn miso dashi soup and a mezze sharing platter with Arabian delicacies. Family-style main courses include chicken claypot machboos and Jamaican Chinese lamb neck. Finish with decadent desserts like luqaimat. It is available daily throughout Ramadan, from sunset until 8pm, at Dhs 250 per person. 04-4576035 Iftar At Clap, DIFC Indulge Essence Of Ramadan With Jun’s’ Iftar Menu Iftar At LPM Restaurant And Bar Dubai, DIFC Jumeirah Emirates Towers becomes Downtown Dubai’s top Ramadan spot with its al fresco RamadanMajlis and Iftar offerings. Enjoy panoramic views of the Museum of the Future while enjoying menus inspired by the UAE’s landscapes. Iconic Iftars feature sustainable buffets of seasonal ingredients against the stunning backdrop of the Dubai skyline. This Iftar experience is available from sunset until 8.30 pm, priced at Dhs 315 for adults and Dhs 176 for children. 04-3300000 Iftar At Jumeirah Emirates Towers Amelia located in Address Sky View, Downtown Dubai, has launched an exclusive Iftar set menu, inviting you to a lavish dining experience. From sunset to 9pm, indulge in Japanese and Peruvian cuisine with Mediterranean twists at Dhs 295 per person. Begin with dates, corn soup, and guacamole with plantain chips. For mains, relish pollo asado, Machu Picchu wagyu tenderloin and more. End on a sweet note with passion yuzu cheesecake or chocolate pelota. 04-3282805 Canal Central Hotel in Business Bay is offering a soulful Ramadan experience at La Cruise Restaurant. As the sun sets over Dubai’s skyline, indulge in an exquisite Iftar featuring a blend of international and Arabic flavours. Delight in authentic mezze and slow-cooked stews while basking in the serene ambience of the open terrace overlooking the Dubai Canal and Burj Khalifa. Ramadan at La Cruise Restaurant is more than a meal, it’s a celebration togetherness. Iftar will be available throughout Ramadan from sunset to 10.30pm for Dhs 159 per person. 04-8732100 Revier Dubai Hotel, situated in Business Bay, embraces the spirit of R a m a d a n with Swiss elegance, presenting an extravagant Iftar buffet at Alphorn restaurant for just Dhs 119, inclusive of beverages. Throughout Ramadan, savour a diverse open buffet featuring Arabian and international cuisines for a memorable experience. Available daily from Iftar time till late, it’s the perfect setting to gather with loved ones or colleagues in the heart of Business Bay. 058-1093740 Iftar At La Cruise Restaurant Iftar At Alphorn Restaurant, Revier Dubai Hotel Experience Enigmatic Iftar At Amelia Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay