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CONNECTOR.AE 18 CONNECTOR.AE 19 Dining Around Dining Around Iftars You Cannot Miss In Dubai The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for prayer, family bonding, and acts of kindness. Lasting 29 to 30 days, Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. Each day begins with Suhoor, a pre-dawn meal, and ends with Iftar, the breaking of the fast after sunset. Typically, Iftar commences with dates followed by a hearty meal with loved ones. During this period, numerous restaurants in Dubai offer diverse Iftar options, catering to fasting individuals, residents and tourists. Whether you seek to break your fast amidst the warmth of family and friends or wish to partake in the Ramadan spirit, Connector is here with an extensive guide to some of Dubai’s amazing Iftar experiences. For Ramadan, Hakoora in Downtown Dubai is offering an Iftar menu at View by Hakoora, an outdoor venue boasting scenic views and modern elegance. During Iftar, you will be welcomed with dates and signature drinks like ayran and tamarind. The culinary journey continues with lentil soup, cold appetisers, and hot appetisers featuring unique flavours. Mains include dishes like sea bass sayadieh and lamb kabsa, followed by a tempting dessert platter. Priced at Dhs 140 per person, the Iftar is available from sunset to 9pm. 052-3847320 Enjoy an elegant Iftar experience at The Restaurant in Address Dubai Mall, offering a warm and inviting ambience. Feast on a lavish buffet featuring a variety of taste sensations, from labneh with avocado to kibbeh bil laban and barbecue delights. Refresh with Ramadan juices like jallab and tamarind, and satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts like black forest cake. Available daily throughout Ramadan from sunset until 8.30pm, the Iftar buffet is priced at Dhs 285 per person, with a 50% discount for children aged 6 to 12. 04-4368888 Iftar Set Menu At Hakoora Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay Iftar Buffet At The Restaurant Sumosan Dubai introduces an exclusive Iftar experience blending traditional flavours with contemporary Japanese cuisine. Priced at Dhs 210 per person, the set menu includes dates, soup, starters like chicken meatball skewers and rock shrimp tempura, and sushi options like crunchy salmon cream cheese Roll. For mains, grilled boneless chicken thighs, the Sumosan signature 24-hour miso marinated black cod and more are ready to treat your taste buds. Located at The Dubai Edition Hotel, Downtown Dubai, the Iftar menu promises warmth and togetherness during Ramadan. 04-3884540 Iftar At Sumosan Dubai