Connector March 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 46 Health and Wellness The group will have to constantly check in with one another to ensure all safety measures are in place and they are safe. Only 81 people have rowed across the Pacific Ocean, and the group is going through a new route that has not been taken before by anyone, aiming to achieve the world record. Paris said, “There are some people that do this for the experience and to finish it, and for some, that is enough. We are training to get a world record. We know that it is not going to be easy, and there are other people that are going to want to take the record as well, and maybe on paper they are more credible than we are but we have been training to win.” To capture the momentous expedition of their lives, multiple cameras will be on board, and the group will be recording every moment from when they start the expedition till it ends and will record, all the good and bad moments to share. Paris said, “We are creating a documentary right from today to when we finish. At some point, we will release the documentary, and whatever happens on the boat, it is going in. Any crazy stuff, any amazing and beautiful sights like whale spotting, sharks and sunsets, we will capture all of that. People will be able to follow us, before the race, during the race and after the race.” As the four members of the team will be onboard and spending all their time with one another for 40 days, positivity in the face of adversity was an important aspect to ensure they see the challenge through. Paris added, “Team cohesion is one of the most critical factors that you cannot measure. Some teams form based on where they get the best rowers and people who have done this before, and they bring them on the team that way. We are all friends, so the fun we have when we are all together is really strong. Oliver has chosen the team that way because we are all the people that keep smiling even if we are in mud, and there is rain in our faces and have cuts on our fingers and hands.” The group will be sharing their journey throughout the expedition via their social media, and individuals looking to stay updated on their progress, can track the boat via the Yellow Brick App. Additionally, individuals can also show their support to the charities by visiting the Row2Raise website and joining the challenge by using the rowing machine for two kilometres, nominating two friends and directly donating to their charities. 3>HS‡3gr‡} >g 3>HS‡3gr‡} >>g # - . /0124 56 01 7gH gH 3>HS‡3r‡} >>g 58 69 ##- . /01- :;<=?;‡@AB;CD<EAD‡FC;GFI;AF‡J<C‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡GL‡N;??‡GL‡L@COEO<CLP‡JGIE?E;L‡<J‡=;<=?;‡ GJJ;MF;B‡KQ‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GAB‡L@==<CF;CLP‡ RGO;‡G??‡K;;A‡L;;A‡B<AAEAD‡=EAT‡CEKK<AL‡GAB‡ ?G=;?‡=EAL‡F<‡LR<N‡FR;EC‡L@==<CF‡GAB‡CGEL;‡ GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡FR;‡MG@L;U‡ V?FR<@DR‡FR;‡CEKK<A‡EL‡G‡=<=@?GC‡LQIK<?‡J<C‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;A;LL‡LMC;;AEADL‡GAB‡ MGI=GEDALP‡IGAQ‡<J‡@L‡B<‡A<F‡TA<N‡EFL‡ < W C R ED ; E ‡ A CE L K U K<A‡NGL‡<CEDEAG??Q‡MC;GF;B‡EA‡XYYXP‡KQ‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡L@COEO<C‡ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡JC<I‡ ZG?EJ<CAEGP‡\]VU ^;F;CIEA;B‡F<‡CGEL;‡GNGC;A;LL‡GL‡G‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡L@COEO<CP‡ZRGC?<FF;‡K;DGA‡RGAB_IGT_ EAD‡=;GMR_M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AL‡EA‡R;C‡BEAEAD‡ `ab‡cde‡fcdehdi‡jkl‡`hmmadn‡aop‡qhpf‡c‡ MGCB‡LGQEAD‡sWR;‡tGFE<AG?‡ZGAM;C‡uALFEF@F;vL‡ GAA@G?‡K@BD;F‡EL‡wXUxKAP‡<A?Q‡yz‡D<;L‡J<C‡ MGAM;C‡=C;O;AFE<AU‡[;?=‡@L‡NGT;‡@=‡?;DEL?G_ F<CL‡GAB‡VI;CEMG‡KQ‡N;GCEAD‡FREL‡CEKK<AUs {ƒ„|~‡†~€~€‡ {‡‚ ~ € ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡‡ ‡ !‡ ‡ ‡" $‡ ‡ ‡ % WR;‡CEKK<AL‡NEFR‡FR;‡MGCBL‡N;C;‡RGAB;B‡<@F‡ GF‡L@=;CIGCT;FL‡GAB‡KQ‡NCEFEAD‡F<‡=C<IEA;AF‡ N<I;A‡EA‡G@FR<CEFQP‡EAM?@BEAD‡FR;‡&ECLF‡ 'GBE;L‡<J‡VI;CEMGP‡;AM<@CGDEAD‡GMM<@AFGKE?_ EFQ‡F<‡K;‡FGT;A‡F<‡R;?=‡=C;O;AF‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CU‡ VL‡GNGC;A;L‡DC;NP‡ZRGC?<F;‡NGL‡GLT;B‡KQ‡ ];?J‡(GDG)EA;‡GAB‡*LF;;‡'G@B;C‡F<‡M<??GK<_ CGF;‡NEFR‡FR;IP‡R<N;O;CP‡LR;‡J;?F‡G‡M<?GK<CG_ FE<A‡N<@?B‡IGT;‡FR;‡MG@L;‡F<<‡M<II;CMEG?‡ GAB‡F@CA;B‡EF‡B<NAU VL‡=EAT‡EL‡@L@G??Q‡GLL<MEGF;B‡NEFR‡J;IEAEAEFQP‡ FR;‡M<I=GAE;L‡FR;A‡N;AF‡<A‡F<‡MC;GF;‡G‡=EAT‡ M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AP‡NREMR‡EL‡A<N‡NEB;L=C;GB‡GL‡ FR;‡CEKK<A‡B;BEMGF;B‡F<‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;_ A ^ ; @ L C L EA U D‡+MF<K;CP‡EF‡EL‡D<<B‡F<‡C;I;IK;C‡ ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡J<C‡FR;‡B;BEMGFE<A‡GAB‡;JJ<CF‡ =@F‡EAF<‡CGELEAD‡GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CP‡ GAB‡M<AFEA@EAD‡F<‡;AL@C;‡=;<=?;‡D;F‡ MR;MT_@=L‡GL‡N;??‡GL‡=;CJ<CI‡L;?J_;,GIEAG_ FE<ALU