Connector June 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 30 CONNECTOR.AE 31 Kids And Education Kids And Education Plan and build evidence to present to the inspectors that highlights what has happened since the last inspection. Even schools like GEMS Wellington International School, that has been Outstanding for 14 years, will continue to use the feedback from the inspection report to support the planning for the next academic year and beyond.” The quality of the teaching staff is given high priority, and it is an important part of the KHDA school reports. Through regular training, teachers are better prepared to cater to the needs of the students and nurture them in preparation for the real world. Shiny Davison of The Indian Academy School Dubai said, “The teaching faculty is always under rigorous training to improve the overall learning environment and to create a robust and rigorous classroom environment that will cater to child protection and always keep children safe.” Even the schools that reach the highest rank of Outstanding, constantly aim to improve in order to give the same level of education Shiny Davison of The Indian Academy School Dubai said, “Uninformed conversation with parents is a part of the inspection which helps the team to gauge the satisfaction level of the parent community.” The rating helps position the school based on the quality of education it offers. A school with a higher rating is known for better quality education, as well as teachers that help in the growth of students and a great environment for a child to develop in. Mark Ford of The English College said, “The rating provides validation of the quality of education that the school offers. As a Very Good School, it assures parents and students that they receive an excellent education. For our staff, working in a highly rated school is a testament to their expertise and dedication, which helps attract and retain quality educators. Additionally, the rating plays a role in determining the rate at which school fees can be increased.” During the academic year 2023 to 2024, schools fees can increase after a three year freeze, with the last increase taking place during the academic year 2019 to 2020, and development parents and have come to expect, and maintain their ranking. Maryssa Connor of GEMS Wellington International School and GEMS Education said, “GEMS Wellington International School is committed to being a world class centre for education, ensuring our standards are exceeding the expectations of the framework and high performing schools across the globe. We are also continually reflecting on the personal needs of young people today, ensuring they have the social and emotional skills to be resilient and happy. The balance of high academic standards, innovative and exciting curricular, professional and skillful teachers and a supportive and committed parent body means we thrive in a positive culture with the needs of every student at the centre.” The KHDA inspections are an important element during every school year, as they help parents assess the quality of education provided around Dubai, while also helping them in making decisions that will benefit their child in the long run. and the rating of the school determines how much the fees can be increased by. Schools that have improved their rating can increase fees by 4.5%, if the rating improved from very good to outstanding, and 5.25% for schools rated very good from good. Schools that have maintained the same rating can increase fees by 3%, with schools that have dropped ratings, not permitted to increase. The feedback received from the KHDA school reports is used when planning the next academic year, with schools working on the areas that need development, and help better prepare for the inspections well in advance. Maryssa Connor of GEMS Wellington International School and GEMS Education said, “Preparation for inspections is extremely thorough and requires a lot of focus. Schools will consider the recommended areas from the previous report as part of the School Development