Connector July 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Kids And Education Kids And Education Amazing Summer Camps For Children To Enjoy! What time is it? It’s summer time! It is that time that all children look forward to, as schools around the UAE are out for the summer break. Though some people go on holiday during the summer break, many decide to stay back in the UAE, and the excitement from the days off can quickly turn into boredom for many children. There is never a shortage of fun activities and events to check out for children staying in the UAE, and summer camps are the way to go if looking for something to curb daily boredom while also learning something new. Summer camps in the UAE have a variety of options to choose from, be it STEM camps, that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, sport-centred camps for sporting enthusiasts, ones packed with adventure or creative camps for art lovers. If looking for amazing summer camps to enrol children in, Connector is here to help. Parkour DXB Are children making the house a playground? Parkour DXB in Al Quoz, Port Rashid and JVC is the place to send children to this summer break. With two age categories, the first is for children aged 3 to 5 years old, where they can enjoy activities including art, craft and games, as well as develop their confidence, coordination and fitness. The second age group for children aged 5 to 13 years old, will explore parkour moves from jumping, climbing, vaulting and swinging. Prices start at Dhs 1,048 per week. Fun Robotics Fun Robotics on Sheikh Zayed Road is hosting a fun summer camp centred around STEM, where children can explore a variety of new interests and skills. Running from 3 July to 31 August, children can participate in a series of activities, with different themes to develop new skills every week including drones, programming with Minecraft, artificial intelligence, game development with Roblox and cyber security. Prices for the camp start at Dhs 1,000 a week. The Green Planet Parents looking for fun summer camps to beat the Dubai heat can enjoy sending their children to an interactive camp at The Green Planet from 10 July to 24 August. The only indoor biodome in Dubai is home to over 3,000 plants and animals, where children will be able to enjoy amazing encounters with animals, learn more about conserving the planet, extinct animals and natural habitats, as well as participate in games and art and crafts. Prices for the camp start at Dhs 200 a day and Dhs 600 for a week. Bounce From 10 July to 25 August, Bounce will offer children an action-packed summer break. Children can enjoy learning new tricks on the trampoline, as well as participating in a series of games to test their competitive spirits including red light - green light, tug of war, spoon race and more. Snacks and lunch will also be served. The camp has half-day and full-day options, with prices starting at Dhs 190 per day and Dhs 750 per week for half day and Dhs 250 per day and Dhs 950 per week, for full days.