Connector July 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 18 CONNECTOR.AE 19 Dining Around Dining Around Hakkasan at Atlantis The Palm celebrates Chinese cuisine, by serving traditional dishes with a modern approach. The restaurant uses ancient recipes by incorporating them into the menu. The jasmine tea smoked Wagyu beef ribs, lychee lobster with yuzu pearl and Hakkasan signature Peking duck with caviar, are some unique and amazing dishes to relish in. Guests can enjoy a laidback atmosphere, with the restaurant featuring traditional Chinese motifs and dark wood screens, for the perfect ambience. Everyone loves dining with a stunning view, and one-starred MICHELIN restaurant Ossiano at Atlantis The Palm is the place to visit. Inspired by the underwater world, diners can relish in a seafood menu, with dishes presented at the table in a unique way. Scrumptious dishes to enjoy are grilled tiger prawns, Hokkaido scallops, poached blue lobster and caramelised black cod. The restaurant looks into The Lost Chambers Aquarium, with over 65,000 marine animals swimming by, adding to the dining experience. Located on the 6th floor of Mandarin Oriental in Jumeirah 1, Tasca by José Avillez has maintained its one star rating since the inaugural 2022 Dubai MICHELIN Guide. Diners can enjoy the amazing taste of Portugal served in a contemporary way. Must-try dishes to tuck into include golden fried eggs, Mediterranean squid with squid ink rice, spoon tender veal and deconstructed beef Wellington. With indoor and outdoor dining offered, diners can enjoy marvelling at the view from the terrace with an infinity pool. Hakkasan Ossiano Tasca by José Avillez Höseki at Bulgari Resort Hotel, Jumeirah 2, with its one star rating for two years in a row is the second restaurant from the resort included in the guide. Serving delicious Japanese flavours, the restaurant features a great Omakase experience, where the Chef caters the meal to the preferences of the diners, using fresh ingredients from the day. The menu offers a selection of appetisers and sushi, along with miso soup, a Japanese omelette and a fruit platter. As the meal is made in front of the diners, it is truly a wonderful experience as the chefs showcase their intricate knife skills. The restaurant seats only nine people and has captivating views of the Dubai skyline. Another new addition to the 2023 Dubai MICHELIN Guide is Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Atlantis The Royal, Palm Jumeirah. With a two star rating at the London restaurant of the same name, the recent opening in Dubai received a one star rating. Creativity is at the forefront of the restaurant, with all the dishes served in a unique way where the flavours are sure to take guests on a journey. A must-try at the restaurant is the meat fruit, which is a chicken liver parfait in the shape of a mandarin. Created by Chef Heston Blumenthal, the menu at the restaurant is inspired by recipes from Britain’s past, with a modern and creative twist added to make it all the more memorable and delicious. Höseki Dinner by Heston Blumenthal