Connector January 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Kids And Education Kids And Education Giving a brief insight into this, John Bell, Principal of Bloom World Academy, said, “Going to university/higher education is not all about the academics. Look carefully at the student accommodation not just for year one but for the duration of the course. My recommendation is a campus university where you can live and socialise without worry. Living in a city and renting away from the university facilities, while it appears ‘grown-up’ can be very expensive and isolating. Be prepared to meet others who are as bright or brighter than you. Just be ready to meet stiff competition - my advice is don’t compete only against yourself - work hard and enjoy yourself.” Internship Opportunities After university, your goal is to land a job with your dream organisation, secure a well-paying position, and lead an independent life. Building the foundation for this dream starts with internships. Hence, it’s important to find out where previous students of the university have interned, as this reflects the overall quality of graduates. Examining the companies that recruit from the university provides insight into the institution’s reputation. Top 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your University For Higher Education Navigating the transition from high school to higher education can be overwhelming. As a child, growing up seems to promise simplicity, but the reality is different. Choosing the right university adds another layer of complexity. With tons of options for every course, the process can be exhausting. From morning campus tours to reading several brochures, selecting the right university can be a task. Hence, at Connector, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things that you must keep in mind while choosing your university. Enquire About Academic Majors When choosing a university, enquire about the majors they offer. If you already know your field of study, ensure the universities on your list provide that specific major. If you’re undecided, opt for universities with a wide range of majors; this allows you to explore various options and change your major without the need to transfer. Keep in mind that students often change majors, so having diverse programs at one university is beneficial. Student Accommodation When exploring universities, enquiring about academics, attendance, tuition, and more is crucial. However, don’t forget to ask about student accommodation, a vital aspect. Living on campus provides flexibility for university activities, and socialising, and saves both time and money. It offers a safe, affordable option, making the transition from high school to university smoother, and ensuring an easy and enriched university experience.