Connector January 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 18 CONNECTOR.AE 19 Dining Around Dining Around Situated at Al Fahidi Street, Bombay Times stands as a highly favoured Indian and purely vegetarian restaurant in Dubai. If you crave authentic Indian snacks, this eatery provides an array of options. Delight in beloved Indian snacks such as Delhi chaat, Pav Bhaji and more. Among the specialities, the Bombay Jini Dosa stands out, promising a mouthful of delightful flavours. 04-3277433 Nestled in Zen Cluster 3, Discovery Gardens, Mamis Illam stands as a vegetarian haven, catering to diverse tastes with Chinese, North Indian, and South Indian cuisine. This warm and contemporary pure vegetarian restaurant prioritises health, offering a wide array of South Indian dishes suitable for families of all ages. From parota with veg kuruma to Mami’s veg biryani, the menu delights with dishes like curd rice and pongal, promising a burst of flavours in your mouth. In Al Mankhool, SpiceKlub is a distinctive vegetarian Indian restaurant in Dubai, seamlessly blending modernity with cultural richness for a unique dining adventure. Offering dishes like pav bhaji fondues, kulfi, and paan Mojito, SpiceKlub elevates Indian cuisine through molecular gastronomy. Innovative dishes, such as roomali cheese papad and truffle saag with burrata cheese, showcase a fusion of traditional ingredients with modern culinary techniques. Located across Dubai, My Govinda’s stands out as one of the few sattvic restaurants in the city, adhering to Ayurvedic principles by omitting garlic and onions in its dishes. The diverse menu features a fusion of Indian specialities with vegetarian variations of Chinese and Italian classics. Indulge in vegan chaats, vegetable kebabs, and a range of South and North Indian delights; the flavours won’t disappoint. Mamis Illam SpiceKlub My Govinda’s Situated in the Four Seasons Jumeirah, Folia is a vegetarian haven offering a diverse menu of fresh and wholesome plant-based delights. Folia’s menu also boasts enticing items such as buffalo cauliflower, wild mushroom pizza, crispy mushroom sliders, watermelon poke, and more, ensuring a delectable and satisfying vegetarian culinary journey. 04-2707777 Nestled in Oud Metha, Tum Tum Asia is your gateway to authentic pan-Asian cuisine with a vegetarian twist. Explore the vibrant flavours of China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan in a relaxed and authentic setting. Offering a unique culinary experience, Tum Tum Asia’s 100% vegetarian menu features a soulful selection of street bites, from dim sums and satays to kebabs and sushi. Indulge in musttry dishes like the kimchi and quinoa jar, Singaporean laksa, Tum Tum kimchi ramen, and more, ensuring a delightful journey through Asian culinary delights. Folia Tum Tum Asia Bombay Times