Connector January 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 38 Health and Wellness while having lunch watch a part of the show that enforces how much I love doing this. I tend to look at myself as a third party and say that ‘oh my gosh, you get to do this, it is fantastic, keep going’, and then I continue with the task.” With the UAE now giving artists the platform to grow and create on a larger scale, the ability and credibility given to an artist is immense, allowing people to explore and not limit themselves to specific jobs. Alicia said, “There is a difference between being an artist and doing it only out of love, and it being your profession. When it is professional, if it means redoing it, delivering on time, meeting the deadlines, and showing up even when tired, you got to do it as it is part of the job.” Now with the overstimulation from social media, many artists can get lost and confused while trying to figure out their place. However, Alicia added that once you find your passion, all things will fall into place. With navigating the ever-changing world of social media and art, Alicia mentioned, “The beauty about being an artist when there was no social media was purely because we loved it and gave you a total sense of satisfaction, peace and focus. All the thoughts in your mind are reduced to one motion of observation or a brush technique, and that is a reason why art is so therapeutic.” Currently working on a body art series of photographs, these pieces of work, which will be released shortly, use art as a medium to highlight each person’s personal stories and struggles. At 29 years old, Alicia is a brilliant artist, that has found a way to change her career path from studying human resources, and finding a life full of passion and creativity through art. In her span of seven years, Alicia has gone on and taken up many art forms, always exploring her abilities and never limiting herself, while also finding beauty in the little things. Etisalat Academy - Mirdiff Gems Founders School - Al Barsha +971 50 102 6265