Connector January 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 34 CONNECTOR.AE 35 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness Alicia Goveas:Celebrating Humans As A Canvas Every artist has a unique mark that helps in establishing themselves in the creative world. Although the art inspires many, it is not possible to replicate due to the effort and attention to detail that only the artist and their creativity can pinpoint. for milk containing lactose, such as oat, almond, or soy milk.” Carry medication: One way to prevent symptoms of food intolerances when the item is consumed, is by carrying the medication prescribed by the doctor. Many times, when the food intolerant to is consumed without prior knowledge, having the medication on hand can prevent symptoms. Dr Dana Al Hamwi of Dubai London Hospital added, “When symptoms occur, we have to be prepared, so overthe-counter medicines like antacids or antidiarrheals can help.” Pay attention to details: One of the common mistakes made with food intolerances is buying without checking. While grocery Art is one of the most beautiful forms for many to express their creativity, whether as a hobby or as a full-time passion. Alicia Goveas is a prime example of taking her hobby into a full-time gig within seven years, which has left her more fulfilled than ever. Alicia’s journey with art began at a young age, similar to when many are introduced to art, and quickly became an outlet for her to channel her creativity. shopping, it is vital to go through the ingredients in every product to prevent dealing with symptoms after consumption. Dr Ruhil Badiani of Cornerstone Clinic said, “Make sure to read the ingredients list of anything that you buy at the shops and avoid any that have troublesome ingredients.” As individuals, we understand ourselves the best, and it is key to check in from time to time on how our body is responding to certain food items and take the necessary steps required when the body needs it. In comparison to food allergies which can be life-threatening, food intolerances are not as severe and have no cure, and visiting and talking to a doctor or dietician will help if finding the right step to manage it and live symptom-free. Born in the UAE in 1993 and raised in Dubai, Alicia started going to art school when she was around five years old. Alicia said, “Art was a hobby then, and it was one to keep me busy during the weekdays and the evenings. I never really had a vision or the slightest idea that, someday, it would be a professional means for me.” While in university studying Human Resources, Alicia participated in multiple exhibitions and events part-time. While working