Connector January 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 26 CONNECTOR.AE 27 Kids And Education Kids And Education When children are invested in going to school, have the right tools under the guidance of the staff, have a place that they are comfortable enough to succeed in and are given the opportunities to grow through academics and extracurriculars, will help ensure that a child will be successful at the school. Additionally, Mark Ford of The English College Dubai mentioned the important factors to consider for a child’s overall growth and happiness in the school are, 1. The community 2. What are the exam results like, and what destination do the students go to? 3. Where are the teaching staff from and how much experience do they have? 4. What is the turnover of the staff? 5. What are the class sizes? 6. Who owns the school? Exams are a vital part of a child’s academic life, and enquiring about the process of examinations as well as regarding the staff and community, will help gauge if a child will be able to cope and thrive at the school. Additionally, parents with children that are exceptionally talented in academics, sports and arts, and would like their children to have more emphasis in that specific field, should talk to the teachers managing the teams to figure out whether their child will be able to continue to grow their talents at the school. Eloïse Briey, of Swiss International School Dubai said, “Depending on your child’s interests or needs, whether academic, artistic, athletic, wellbeing, a member of the relevant department will be able to answer any questions or concerns in more depth.” Checking the facilities and reading about the schools is a good way to get an idea of the school, however, communicating with the heads at the school helps to see if the child’s requirements are provided by the school and match the school values, making it one of the crucial ways to see if the school is the right fit. Mark Ford of The English College Dubai advised, “The most important point of reference is the Principal, the Heads of School and the Senior Leaders to understand if their philosophy and aspirations align with yours. Connecting with other parents can be crucial to understanding the strengths and the areas of opportunity.” Another great way to easily narrow down schools is by getting in touch with other parents. By interacting with mutual friends or joining school groups and posing questions about the school, will aid parents in ensuring that the school is the right fit for their child. Eloïse Briey of Swiss International School Dubai said, “Having been through the process, other parents will be able to relate to you and give you valuable information about their and their child’s experience at the school.” Open days and school visits are a great initiative by schools to assist parents in finding a suitable school for their child and ease their worry about whether the school will bring out the best in their child. Mark Ford of The English College Dubai mentioned, “You know your child better than anyone, and not all schools cater for their needs, select a couple of important questions to help you shortlist the best options.” Although there are many ways to decide, it is imperative to listen to instincts, as parents know their child’s needs the best and will be able to find the school that is the right fit. Eloïse Briey of Swiss International School Dubai said, “A lot of make or break factors boil down to personal preference. It is important for you to decide what your non-negotiables are. Those can be anything from subjects offered, amount of homework, sports facilities to accessibility.” Finding the proper school can be a difficult process, but with the different initiatives set in place, including communicating with staff and heads, talking to parents, and assessing the school, school visits can be a fruitful experience, for parents and children alike to find the school that works for each child and helps to bring out and hone all their talents and skills.