Connector February 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 62 CONNECTOR.AE 63 Lifestyle Lifestyle Emirati Trailblazer Reem AhmedAl Hassani Shatters Stereotypes: A Force In Both Sports And Business The UAE is renowned for its impressive attractions and towering skyscrapers, but it’s also celebrated for the remarkable achievements of strong, iconic women who have brought pride to the nation. These women have not only overcome barriers to achieve their dreams but have also challenged gender norms, inspiring others to believe that with passion, dedication, and hard work, the sky is the limit. Connector had the privilege of interviewing one such trailblazing woman, Reem Ahmed Al Hassani, a UAE Olympic rower, a visionary Emirati entrepreneur, a champion in jiu-jitsu, the first Emirati woman to own a nautical club, who has won 60 gold, silver, and bronze sports medals, making her a true champion in her field. Reem Ahmed Al Hassani’s remarkable accomplishments and triumphs are a testament to the idea that persistent dedication can overcome any obstacle. In 2017, Reem earned recognition as a jiu-jitsu champion, followed by a triumphant victory at the 2018 Olympics. However, reaching the pinnacle of success was far from effortless. How Did It All Start It all started in 2017, Reem ventured on her journey by becoming the first Emirati athlete at the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club, and dedicated all her efforts to the sport of rowing, taking her first steps towards a new passion. “In 2018, my hardwork paid off, and I obtained the title of UAE Olympic Rowing Champion, and after that I became an assistant Olympic rowing coach at the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club, and, thanks to God, I was able to obtain more of the 60 gold, silver and bronze sports medals,” adds Reem. Support Of Family Since her early years, Reem had a deep love for sports. During her school days, she actively participated in various athletic competitions, engaging in track races, volleyball, marathons, and more. Fortunately, her family, particularly her mother, consistently encouraged her aspirations. Reem affectionately refers to her mother as the primary source of strength and the cornerstone of her life. Throughout the ups and downs, her family stood firmly beside her, and with their relentless support and faith in a god, she faced and conquered all challenges to emerge as the person she is today.