Connector February 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 52 CONNECTOR.AE 53 Lifestyle Lifestyle While we cannot help you exercise, we can recommend the best fitness products in the market that’ll help you achieve your goals. So, if you are all about health and fitness in 2024, these products are for you. Best Fitness Products To Buy In 2024 Health is wealth, and if you intend to prioritise your health over everything in 2024, Connector is here to help you with it. DECATHLON Decathlon Ab Wheel Dhs 10 SUN & SAND SPORTS Eva Foam Roller SHARAF DG Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Graphite Black LULU LEMON Lululemon Inner Flow Yoga Block Dhs 135 Dhs 130 Dhs 70 Dhs 39 CARREFOUR Esonmus-Anti-burst Yoga Ball Dhs 54 DECATHLON Decathlon Push-up Bar Grips ACTIVE FITNESS STORE Sklz Quick Ladder Dhs 140 DECATHLON Decathlon Plyometric Jump Box Dhs 150 SHARAF DG Sky Land Fitness Under Desk Walking Pad Dhs 1,399 SPARNOD FITNESS SAB-03 Air Bike Home Use Exercise Hike ACTIVE FITNESS STORE Body Sculpture Kettlebell Dhs 365 Dhs 29 LULU LEMON The Lulu Lemon Reversible Yoga Mat Dhs 140 SUN & SAND SPORTS Microband X Heavy Resistance Band Dhs 90 CARREFOUR Sky Land Crossfit Jump Rope ACTIVE FITNESS STORE Reebok Fitness Combat Speed Bag Dhs 36 Dhs 275