Connector February 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 32 CONNECTOR.AE 33 Dining Around Dining Around However, one of the best ways to truly enjoy delicious dining is with a view, and La Sirene is the way to go. The newly opened restaurant at Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel and Suites has an amazing picturesque view of Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab while dining outdoors, and modern decor while indoors. Bringing authentic Lebanese cuisine, the restaurant gives diners a taste of Beirut without leaving Dubai. While at the restaurant, start off with refreshing drinks to beat the summer heat, and tuck into delicious appetisers. The restaurant serves a variety of options, from soups to hot and cold mezze, including tiger prawns and avocado salad, vine La Sirene - Tasty Lebanese Food With A View While in Dubai, there is never a shortage of amazing dining spots and restaurants to check out. leaves, kibbeh nayeh which is minced raw lamb meat and spices, cheese rolls, makanek ghanam that are sausages in a sauce and zaatar manakeesh. The shrimp fatteh is definitely one to try out and is made with toasted flatbread, chickpeas and a garlic yoghurt sauce. The flavours perfectly balance each other, and the shrimp add freshness back to the dish, keeping it light and had us going back in for more. Another highlight from the menu was the hummus, made with chickpeas and olive oil, served with meat cubes. While digging in with flatbread, the meat was tender and juicy and paired perfectly with the hummus. After delighting in the amazing appetisers, we moved on to the mouthwatering mains, with dishes including mixed lahem meshwi which are shish kebabs, kabab orfali, eggplant kebab and grilled seabass. The arayes was the star of the show and is made with minced meat, green pepper, tomato and onion, stuffed into Lebanese bread. The meat is flavoured brilliantly with the right spices, and each bite was a burst of flavour. No meal can end without dessert, and the kounafah was the most memorable part. Made with semolina and cheese, the cheese pull was extremely satisfying, with the sugar syrup, adding a great balance to the dish, making it the perfect sweet dish. The price for a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 260. Call 04-6042220 REVIEW Ten To Try: Sushi Japanese cuisine offers an array of delectable dishes; however, one dish that always tops the list and is a treat for our taste buds is sushi. Made with vinegared rice and ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits, this dish originated in Asia. In fact, in the 8th century Japan, sushi served as a unique form of currency for the people. Offering burst of subtle flavours, Connector recommends these 10-places in Dubai to relish these shrimply adorable rolls.