Connector December 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 30 CONNECTOR.AE 31 Dining Around Dining Around Virgin Izakaya, located on Bluewaters Island, presents an innovative dining experience with its latest offering, the Fortune Omakase Brunch. This brunch goes beyond the typical weekend meal; it promises to elevate your Saturdays by blending traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Central to this distinctive brunch experience is the captivating claw machine, a source of excitement that delights all guests. Every diner is given the opportunity to secure a fortune cookie, and the anticipation of discovering its contents brings an intriguing element to the meal. Enjoy Japanese Brunch With A Fortune Twist At Virgin Izakaya Weekends are for having fun with friends and family, and if you are looking for new places for brunching, we have just the perfect recommendation for you. That’s not it! Virgin Izakaya’s Fortune Omakase Brunch offers a unique twist to your diningexperience. Each fortune cookie holds the promise of a mysterious message, adding a touch of intrigue to your day. But luck may shine even brighter as you could be one of the fortunate ones to win exciting prizes, ranging from designer handbags to stylish keychains, or the chance to enjoy complimentary brunches at Virgin Izakaya on your next visit or the same day you win. Plus, seize the chance for 25% discounts on future meals, free ladies’ nights, and brunches at their sister restaurants. It’s a brunch filled with surprises. Speaking about the food, the brunch menu is a culinary delight, and it features a selection of dishes including edamame, avocado salad, chicken and shrimp popcorn, a chef’s omakase platter full of sashimi, nigiri and rolls, as well as a delectable mochi selection for dessert. The Fortune Omakase Brunch at Virgin Izakaya, runs every Saturday from 12pm to 5pm with two hours of freeflowing drinks. With delicious food and picturesque views from Bluewaters Island, what more could you ask for. Price starts from Dhs 275 per person. Call 04 589 8689 REVIEW Ten To Try: Butter Chicken Indian cuisine offers an array of lip-smacking dishes, but if one dish rules them all globally, it’s butter chicken. Picture tender chicken doing a spicy tango with a medley of aromatic spices, yoghurt, and tomato goodness, all wrapped in a swirl of creamy delight. It’s not just a dish; it’s a flavour fiesta that takes your taste buds on a joyous journey through the heart of Indian cuisine! Originating in the 1950s in Delhi, India, butter chicken has conquered palates worldwide, including the culinary scene in Dubai. If you’re looking for the best butter chicken in Dubai, Connector has curated the ultimate guide for your gastronomic adventure.