Connector December 2022

CONNECTOR.AE 62 Health and Wellness Was supposed to be an ad page but interview got stretched to 4 pages farmers to generate an income rather than only providing meals, as well as creating rainwater harvesting systems for countries with ample of rain. Additionally, Saima helps on the ground with countries that are affected by floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, witnessing the pain and loss undergone first-hand, saying, “I do take care of my mental health and take time out especially to cater to it. There are deaths, you see children in a very bad situation, and sometimes you need to control your tears and remind yourself of why you are here and what you are doing.” Additionally, Saima takes inspiration from the past and is moved by how humanitarianism helped her find her purpose and shape her life, said, “Pursuing humanitarianism has really changed my perspective. The person I was before and the person I am now, I am shocked at how a privileged girl like me has changed. My career goals, personality and thought process have changed and opened the correct lens for me.” Saima understands that social work is not made for everybody but encourages people to do their part in making the world a better place to live saying, “Always start with something small. Some people have a lot of time and not enough funds, so I recommend them to give in their time and for some people that have a lot of money, then put in the money.” As she started volunteering at a young age, Saima understands the struggles of the youth and hopes that companies and corporations help accommodate the younger generation in striving to make a difference. Saima, since beginning her journey, has made it her mission to help in a big way for the greater good and aims to continue to make a difference in crisis-affected lives, with the goal of one day holding a policy-making position at the UN. Looking to Saima as an example, as she mentioned, volunteering is the best and most rewarding way for everyone to help out, irrespective of age or gender, as well as is an eye-opener to the struggles people undergo and allow us to become a more receptive, supportive and accommodating community. Etisalat Academy - Mirdiff Gems Founders School - Al Barsha +971 50 102 6265