Connector December 2022

CONNECTOR.AE 3 Welcome We are in for a rather busy month again as the FIFAWorld Cup continues throughout the first couple of weeks, and Dubai’s fanzones and sports bars will be bursting with excitement. As if that isn’t enough to create a buzz, the festive season and all that comes with it is getting into full swing. From festive markets (check them out on pages 14 and 15) to Christmas Eve dinners (pages 16 to 20 ) and Christmas Day brunches (pages 21 to 29), and of course the spectacular fireworks (pages 36 and 37) and parties (pages 38 to 42) to say a big hello to 2023. Of course, with busy events and gatherings it can be easy to overindulge a little, so take a look at some of our tips to help you keep things in check on pages 56 to 58. Finally, our last note of the year is to wish you all a happy and healthy 2023 and we look forward to walking through the New Year with you. Welcome to December, the last month of the year. Are you expecting a quiet one? Then good luck with that!. Chris Nicolaides Concord Tower, PO Box 126732, Dubai Media City, Dubai, 04 454 9826, Contents of this publication are copyright. No material may be reproduced without written permission. Notice and disclaimer. The material used in this publication is intended to be used for informational purposes only. A sincere effort has been made to report accurate information. However, one or more recognised authorities in health and nutrition may hold different views than those reported therein, and the reader is so advised. This publication is not meant to be an endorsement of any specific product or services offered. Nicole Pereira Vishakha Ramchandani Welcome