Connector August 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 58 CONNECTOR.AE 59 Lifestyle Lifestyle Tara Shah Khan: Bringing Meals And Saying Thank You To Workers In the daily hustle, it is easy to disappear into a little bubble of routines and life and not look at the entire perspective from the lives of people around us. However in certain circumstances, when people step back and get a glimpse, there is light and joy shared with one another to make the world a better place. Tara Shah Khan said, “When COVID-19 happened, everything went upside down and everybody got affected but people were helping each other, and I had one group on Facebook called Magical Moms. I saw there were many Facebook groups, where they were helping people with groceries and rations, especially the labourers, who were affected more. So, I started giving food to the affected families at the labour camps.” After seeing the joy from the workers on receiving the food, Tara Shah Khan wanted to make a bigger difference on a larger scale, where more people could be helped. As things were opening up in the UAE and returning to a sense of normality, Tara Shah Khan did not want to stop donating food and more volunteers joined to distribute food. Connector spoke to Tara Shah Khan, CoFounder and President of Magical Smiles UAE, on how she started helping people by distributing meals to running monthly events to provide support to workers. Tara Shah Khan is a great example of someone that looks at the big picture and strives daily to make a change, and as a mother of two children, leads by example and encourages her family, as well as the people around her to give support back to workers in labour camps, and appreciate them for all the hard work and effort they put into giving back to the overall development of the community. For Tara Shah Khan, COVID-19 in 2020 was a wake-up call, as she saw many people around her and in her family struggling to come to terms with the issues caused by the pandemic. Through all the difficulties, Tara Shah Khan set her gaze on the workers in labour camps, that were heavily affected at the time. Many people were unable to visit their families back home and there was a lot of uncertainty. After seeing posts on Facebook of people helping labourers and wanting to do more for them, Tara Shah Khan decided to make a difference and started buying meals to provide workers with food.