Connector August 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 42 CONNECTOR.AE 43 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness The procedure is a popular one as it is a permanent solution, requiring minimum to no upkeep, after all the sessions to tackle the hair growth are completed. The number of sessions needed varies from person to person. The standard sessions are usually set at six, however, depending on the coarseness and if the hair grows back rapidly, additional sessions may be required. People will also have to come back for maintenance sessions every three months, to reduce the chances of hair regrowth. Sarah Battikha, Founder of FRAME in Dubai said, “Followup sessions are very dependent on the person and can not be planned ahead. However, we do ask for a minimum of six sessions but in reality, some people will need just the six sessions and then just maintenance sessions every three months and some people will need 12 sessions before being able to do maintenance sessions.” What To Consider Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Both men and women alike can vouch that having to constantly turn to various hair removal methods to stay hairless can be time-consuming and tiring. From waxing, sugaring, tweezing, shaving and more, the choices are endless and yield the same results, but the hair grows back quickly over a short period of time. As some people tend to have sensitive skin or develop rashes and ingrown hair from various hair removal methods, laser hair removal, despite being a more costly procedure, is a great alternative to consider for a painless and stress-free experience. Connector spoke to various experts in the UAE, to get a better insight into the process of laser hair removal and how one can benefit from it. Laser hair removal is a painless process that uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology to get rid of the hair. When compared to alternative hair removal methods, the hair is not removed from the surface but through a beam of light that targets the hair follicles, and destroys the hair. The process is quick and hassle-free, and can target multiple hair follicles at the same time. The hair is also destroyed when it is in the active stages, to prevent it from growing back. Dr Dany Kayle, Founder of Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic Dubai said, “Laser hair removal directs a beam of a specific wavelength of light into hair follicles or the blood capillaries feeding them. The pigment in these follicles or red blood cells absorbs the light, thus destroying the hair. Each pulse of the laser takes just a fraction of a second to penetrate the target and so laser hair removal can treat many hairs at the same time. But the hairs will only be destroyed if they are in the active stages of the hair growth cycle.”