Connector August 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 24 CONNECTOR.AE 25 Kids And Education Kids And Education How To Make A Last Minute School Choice For Your Child Schools around the UAE are currently on break for the summer holidays, and will be back in session shortly. However, many parents are still trying to find a school for their child that is the right fit, whether because it is their child’s first time in school, or they are new to the country or are looking to move their child to a new school. Choosing a school is an important decision that can be extremely overwhelming, especially when time is of the essence and a choice needs to be made quick. To help on this, Connector has spoken to schools around the UAE to get some tips on how to make that last-minute school decision easier. Doing research into the different schools in the UAE is a critical task, while narrowing down the list for a child. While doing research on what school would be a suitable fit, there are some key factors to keep in mind to make the process easier: Choosing the right curriculum: The UAE is home to so many nationalities and cultures and the education system caters to the needs of all students. There are four main curricula in the UAE for private schools including American, British, Indian and International Baccalaureate. Each curriculum caters to various needs that students have and based on requirements, should be selected. Shiny Davison, Principal at The Indian Academy School Dubai said, “Education is a lifelong process, and any parent would like to give the best. An easy decision is to go for a school that follows the recommended Government Board of their home country. This serves as a benchmark for the parents to validate their child’s education.” It is also important to consider whether changing curriculums will benefit students when looking for a different school or moving countries. Each curriculum has different methods of teaching students based on their age group, and parents should look into the benefits of the various curricula available in the UAE, and make a decision accordingly. Kelvin Hornsby, Principal/CEO at GEMS World Academy in Abu Dhabi and Senior Vice President - Education at GEMS Education said, “Many parents often stay with what they know in terms of their home country’s curriculum for ease of transition, but there may be enormous benefits to considering other curricula and teaching approaches that might be more appropriate to the needs of their child.” Values of a school: Another key aspect to look into is the values of the schools shortlisted, and assessing whether they line up with the needs of the student. If a child is more inclined towards extracurriculars or academics, the school should offer the right programmes to help the student reach their goal. Amy Carroll, Vice President at Ranches Primary School in Dubai said, “Finding a school that aligns with your values is important because it allows for a collaborative partnership to support your child’s growth. When values are shared, parents and educators can work together to create an environment where your child can truly thrive. It fosters a sense of belonging and ensures a consistent approach to education, both at home and at school.” Fees: A critical aspect in finding the right school is if the schools fall into the budget set by the parents. Based on the rating that each school gets from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the school fees can be increased accordingly. Schools that receive high ratings are eligible to increase fees and low-rated schools are not permitted to raise fees. Additionally, many schools also offer extracurricular activities as part of the fees and can help students develop their skills during school hours.