Connector August 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 16 CONNECTOR.AE 17 Dining Around Dining Around The recently openedSMOKD Eatery at Boxpark Dubai is a brilliant place to check out to enjoy appetising dishes, that will have diners coming back for more. The restaurant has outdoor seating, that is amazing to enjoy during the cooler months with picturesque views of the sunset in the evening and plush indoor seating, decked out in a terracotta and mint green scheme, with a direct glimpse into the open kitchen, watching the Chefs cook. Cool down from the humid weather with drinks, where the chilli mango margarita and strawberry passion mojito were light and refreshing, and the perfect SMOKD Eatery - Creole Flavours At Its Best Enjoying a meal in Dubai is always an experience, as there is always a wide array of cuisines and flavours to choose from. start to all that was to come. Each great meal has a starter, with options from baby gems salad and SMOKD tonnato, the choices here do not disappoint. One of the highlights from the starters was the rock shrimps that were battered and deep-fried to a golden hue. When dipped into the spicy mayonnaise was a brilliant balance of flavours. Moving on to the SMOKD Signatures, the SMOKD prime short ribs were a show and burst of flavours all in one. The dish was brought to the table where a blowtorch was used to sear the meat and when tucked in, instantly fell off the bone. Covered in barbeque sauce and served with a side of pumpkin butternut puree, it was an amazing medley of flavours. The mains under Heavy, were filling and satisfying. The linguine was served with SMOKD brisket, tomato concasse and brisket tempura as well as the spaghetti with crabmeat, pine nuts and heirloom tomatoes, which had the right balance of flavours and were decadent dishes to tuck into. No meal is ever complete without dessert and it was definitely the star of the show. The cheesecake was topped with orange zest that was added to the dish and made the taste buds sing. The average price for a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 190. Call 04-5297842 REVIEW Ten To Try: Kunafa Anyone in the UAE can vouch for kunafa being a very popular sweet dish found in the Middle East. Kunafa is made with two layers, cheese at the bottom which consists of cream, akkawi or nabulsi cheese, and semolina or shredded phyllo dough to make the top layer. The dish is served hot and is topped off with sugar syrup to give it its distinctive taste, along with either pistachios or hazelnuts. The sweet treat originated in the city of Nablus in Palestine which to this day, is still known for the delicious dish, however now with multiple variations made around the Middle East. If on the hunt to find this mouthwatering dessert around the UAE, then Connector has come up with some spots to definitely check out.