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CONNECTOR.AE 40 CONNECTOR.AE 41 Lifestyle Lifestyle Eid Gift Suggestions For Him, Her, And The Little Ones Eid is a joyous occasion for Muslims everywhere, signifying the end of Ramadan. FOREST ESSENTIALS After Shave Spray Sandalwood And Orange Peel Dhs 100 DA MILANO Franzy Leather Mens Wallet Dhs 195 VIRGIN MEGASTORE Amazon Kindle 6-Inch Digital E-Reader Dhs 449 MARKS AND SPENCER Flamingo Print Silk Tie CARTIER Eau De Toilette And Shower Gel Travel Set Dhs 149 Dhs 405 CARREFOUR Moon Light Decorative Lamp TOYS UAE Minions Trampoline NOON LEGO Marvel Venomised Groot Building Toy Set, 630 Pieces Dhs 99 Dhs 733 Dhs 229 Families come together to enjoy meals and share joy. It’s also a chance to exchange gifts- big or small, to show love and gratitude. Whether a simple gesture or a lavish present, giving gifts adds more fun to the festive spirit. And if you’re looking for Eid gift ideas, Connector has curated a guide just for you. ARABIAN OUD Rosewood Oud By Arabian Oud Dhs 275 EARTHLY Oceania Silk Scarf VARAK Luxury Ramadan Box Dhs 279 Dhs 400 Dhs 85 IKEA Makeup And Products Organiser CLARINS A Skincare Kit FIRST CRY Magical Sand Play Set Dhs 236 Dhs 114 GIFTS FOR HER GIFTS FOR HIM GIFTS FOR KIDS