Connector April 2024

CONNECTOR.AE 16 CONNECTOR.AE 17 Out And About Out And About Emirati Showcase: Get ready for a hilarious evening as the ‘Emirati Showcase’ hits the stage at Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills Mall on Saturday, 20 April. Featuring a lineup of talented local comedians, the show promises to deliver a unique blend of humour and cultural insight. From the witty antics of Abdallah Alansari to the insightful comedy of Ali Saleh Awadh, audiences can expect an entertaining night filled with laughter and memorable performances. 12 To 21 April Comedy Bizarre: Prepare for an extra dose of laughter as the Dubai Comedy Festival brings back the Comedy Bizarre, happening daily at Dubai Opera Studio from 12 to 21 April (except 15 and 18 April). Enjoy hilarious performances from international comedy stars like Aditya Thomas, Amr Elassal, Bronwyn Byrnes, Emaad Siddiqui, Folly Olubiyi, Ismail Abdirahman, John Hague, Joshua Dias, Liz Bains, and many others. Don’t miss out on this comedic extravaganza at Dubai Opera Studio. Tickets, Timings And Other Information You can buy tickets for Dubai Opera performances from Dubai Opera’s website or Platinumlist. For Coca-Cola Arena performances, you can purchase tickets through the Coca-Cola Arena’s website or Platinumlist. Ticket prices for these events start at Dhs 250. To know more about the festival and the acts, head to Dubai Comedy Festival website - his new show ‘Kisi Ko Batana Mat’. With a Bollywood debut and his stand-up special ‘Bas Kar Bassi’ on Amazon Prime Video, Bassi’s comedic prowess is not to be missed. Riaad Moosa Live In Dubai: Get ready for an unforgettable night with South Africa’s beloved doctor-turned-comedian, Riaad Moosa, at Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills Mall on Saturday, 20 April. Known for his witty humour and insightful observations, Moosa’s performances offer a healthy dose of laughter and thought-provoking commentary. From his experiences as a Muslim to his adventures as a father and entertainer, Moosa’s comedy covers a wide range of topics, ensuring an entertaining and memorable evening for all. Spencer and Vogue: Join media personalities Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams for an unfiltered live show at Dubai Opera Main Hall on 19 April. Get ready for a hilarious evening as they lift the curtain on their lives, from Spencer’s love for James Blunt to their competitive relationship. Mo Gilligan: Don’t miss British stand-up comedian Mo Gilligan’s unique brand of comedy on 19 April. With his distinct take on British culture and mastery of genres like grime comedy, physical comedy, and musical comedy, Mo guarantees a diverse range of humour on stage. Alfred Adriaan’s Unfit and Forty: Don’t miss the hilarious South African comedian Alfred Adriaan live at Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills Mall on Friday, 19 April, presenting his side-splitting show ‘Unfit and Forty’. With his unique comedic style, Adriaan shares his witty observations and relatable anecdotes about middle-aged life, marriage, parenting, and the comedy scene in Johannesburg. Get ready for a laughter-filled evening as Adriaan takes you on a rollercoaster ride of humour and charm. 20 And 21 April Anubhav Singh Bassi: Get ready for a night of laughter with Anubhav Singh Bassi at Dubai Opera Main Hall on 20 April, with Chris Distefano: With 15 years of experience bringing laughter in different forms, Chris Distefano is ready to take the stage at Dubai Opera Main Hall on 16 April. Known for his unique comedic talent showcased on MTV’s ‘Guy Code’ and ‘Girl Code’, Chris promises a night of non-stop hilarity. Amer Zahr: Amer Zahr, a PalestinianAmerican comedian, speaker, writer, and academic, will showcase his over 10-years of comedy expertise at the Dubai Opera Main Hall on Wednesday, 17 April. Prepare for an evening filled with laughter and insightful humour from Amer during the festival. 18 And 19 April Zarna Garg: Prepare for a night of laughter with Zarna Garg at Dubai Opera on 18 April. Known for her fearless social commentary and sharp wit, Zarna’s comedy has gained acclaim for her unique blend of humour showcased in her comedy special, ‘One in a Billion’, available on Amazon Prime. CHRIS DISTEFANO ZARNA GARG SPENCER AND VOGUE RIAAD MOOSA ANUBHAV SINGH BASSI