Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 44 CONNECTOR.AE 45 Dining Around Dining Around Aqaya Bakefectionery at Dubai Creek Harbour is making Iftar a brilliant one with stunning views of the Dubai skyline. Relish in dishes including stuffed orange chicken, pizza, saffron Umm Ali, rose almond milk cake and more. Prices are set at Dhs 99 per person for a soup, a salad or main, a dessert, and a drink. 04-2574306 From sunset to 10pm, Intercity Hotel Waterfront Al Jaddaf is offering diners an exquisite Iftar menu throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. Relish in dishes including samak hara, eggplant moussaka, lamb ouzi, beef kofta and more. Prices are set at Dhs 75 per person. 04-5743900 Located at Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers, Hatta Restaurant is celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with a magnificent Iftar. Running from sunset to 8pm, delight in dishes including seafood harra, traditional chicken topkapi, oriental mezze, lamb ouzi, kunafa and more. Prices start at Dhs 179 per person. 050-9731673 Aqaya Bakefectionery Dubai Creek Harbour IntercityHotel Waterfront Al Jaddaf Hatta Restaurant Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers Bur Dubai / Deira / Dubai Creek Outer Dubai Located at Melia Desert Palm, Epicure Restaurant is bringing a special Iftar to diners. While dining at the restaurant, enjoy dishes including chicken shish tawook, lamb kofta, meat kibbeh, spinach fatayer, lentil soup, fish harra, chicken molokia, date pudding and more. Prices are set at Dhs 175 per person. 04-6029323 Maisan Restaurant, located at Delta Hotels by Marriott Dubai Investment Park, is bringing diners a Ramadan special with a lavish Iftar meal. Running from sunset to 10pm, enjoy a scrumptious menu. Prices for the Iftar are set at Dhs 75 per person. 04-8018888 Epicure Restaurant Melia Desert Palm Maisan Restaurant Delta Hotels by Marriott Dubai Investment Park Anchor Restaurant at JA The Resort from sunset to 11pm is offering diners a unique Iftar on the beach. The unmissable Bedouininspired Iftar, situated under the stars, features an underground fire pit, cooking slow-roasted lamb, hot and cold mezze, vegetables, dates and rice. Prices are set at Dhs 550 per person. 04-8145604 Anchor Restaurant JA The Resort