Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Dining Around Dining Around Delight in a special Iftar this year at The Cavendish at voco Bonnington JLT. Relish in delicious traditional and international dishes, served alongside refreshing juices. Prices are set at Dhs 199 for two people. 04-3560536 Enjoy a special Iftar this Ramadan at DoubleTree by Hilton, located at Jumeirah Beach. The Iftar runs from sunset to 10pm and will be held in the garden area at Gastro Kitchen. Tuck into a variety of dishes, including lentil soup, avocado hummus, shawarma, squid ink hummus, Thai green fish curry, lamb ouzi, baklava, kunafa and more. Prices are set at Dhs 199 per person. 055-1668092 Make this Holy Month of Ramadan a great one with the Starlit Iftar at Habtoor Grand Resort, Jumeirah Beach. Situated outdoors under stunning lights, the Iftar serves delicious Arabic dishes, including lamb ouzi, hot and cold mezze and more, with live stations also available. The Iftar runs from sunset to 9pm, with prices set at Dhs 190 per person. 04-3995000 Cafe Society at Tamani Hotel Dubai Marina is hosting a special Iftar for all to enjoy. From 7pm to 9pm, tuck into delicious dishes, including lamb thareed, kofta kebab, marinated grilled chicken breast, carrot soup, cheese panini sandwich and more. Prices are set at Dhs 155 per person. 04-3183755 The Cavendish voco Bonnington JLT DoubleTree by Hilton Jumeirah Beach Starlit Iftar Habtoor Grand Resort Cafe Society Tamani Hotel Dubai Marina Dubai Marina / JBR / JLT The restaurant, originally from Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, is hosting a special Iftar this Ramadan. Shamiana, located at Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is serving diners a variety of cuisines including Asian, Arabic, Mediterranean, Indian and more, for all to enjoy. The Iftar runs from sunset to 9pm and has prices set at Dhs 159 per person. 04-5741111 Located at Ritz-Carlton Dubai at JBR, Amaseena is serving a special Iftar, set up in Bedouin-inspired tents. Running from sunset to 9pm, the restaurant will offer a traditional Iftar celebration with Middle Eastern cuisine, dishes served in clay pots and more. Prices are set at Dhs 265 per person. 04-3186150 Looking for an intimate celebration this Holy Month of Ramadan? First & Only Ballroom, located at Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is offering a private Iftar buffet for all to tuck into. To make a booking, a minimum number of 31 people are required, with delicious Arabic cuisine available. The Iftar is priced at Dhs 169 per person. 04-5741111 Shamiana Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers Amaseena Ritz-Carlton Dubai First & Only Ballroom Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai Marina / JBR / JLT