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February 2016

Connector dubai

I loved last month’s issue - it was great to hear about Hotbox from Hannah. I just moved here and love yoga so will definitely be checking them out! Also, really enjoyed the beginner’s guide to running from someone who was actually out there doing it herself - very inspiring. Even motivated me to grab my running shoes, though my motivation ran out on me about 15 minutes into it! More training needed! Pippa.

Sounds like me Pippa!

Connector dubai

My husband and I found your article on making a Will here in the UAE very helpful. We have just bought a villa here in Dubai and seeing this in Connector prompted us to make arrangements to have a Will drawn up, which brings us a sense of peace of mind. Thanks Connector. Anon.

I know you usually publish summer camps for kids, but are there any children’s camps available over the Easter holidays for my two boys, as I’m unable to take time off work? Can you help? From Naomi

Sure Naomi, check out the kids’ section.

Connector dubai

I saw Stephanie Pech’s recipes in the magazine and decided to try out the Love Mousse recipe for Valentine’s for my husband. It was so easy and totally delicious! Keep them coming. Regards, Leanne

We love Steph’s recipes too Leanne - try the sweet potato lasagna too… it’s delicious!

January 2016

stocker filling, dubai, magazine

Hi, love the stocking filler ideas and all the great competitions in December’s issue. I’ll keep entering...fingers crossed! From Carlotta

recipes, dubai, foods

We loved Stephanie’s Thai Chicken recipe in the December issue. We had some friends over for dinner and gave it a try and it went down a treat with everyone and it was really easy to make. Thanks! Maud

after school activities, dubai

I read your article on after school activities and my goodness we’re spoilt for choice here! My twin boys started school in September and I deliberately didn’t sign them up for any additional sports in the first term, but they have so much energy that I’m now considering a few of the ideas you gave us. Thanks for the info. Belinda

festive, dubai

Dear Louise, thanks for all the ideas on the website for Christmas and New Year. I have just returned from the gingerbread event at Vida Downtown and my kids loved it! We’ve also booked a table with a view of the fireworks for NYE….can’t wait! Regards, Kirsty. P.  

pets, dubai,

Loved the Pet Lessons article, it really made me smile! I have a cat of my own and have often woken up with her face not far from mine. It used to bother me but after reading your article, I now give her morning kisses! Thanks! Philippa

December 2015

I picked up the November issue of Connector and was pleased to see you have once again covered the topic of cyber bullying. My daughter was a victim of this and it was an awful time for our entire family. Thankfully, we have managed to get to the bottom of the problem and things are a lot better now. I strongly believe that people need to be educated on this ever increasing issue. Thanks Connector. Anon.

Hi Louise, Last year in the magazine you gave a selection of places to go and watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks. We’re looking for somewhere to go to eat, but don’t want to be too close to the action because of the traffic. Will you be publishing anything like this in the magazine or online? Thanks, from Lucas.
There’s plenty of choices in the dining section, check it out and enjoy!

Dear Louise, as always I loved reading about the gorgeous cats that are up for adoption… I want them all!!!! Keep up the good work for Dubai’s furry friends. Regards, Moira.

Do you know if Santa will be visiting any of the shopping malls in December? This is our first Christmas in Dubai and my young son keeps asking me if Santa is going to be able to find him here… so sweet! I would love to be able to take him to see Santa to put his mind at rest. Thanks in advance, from Nadene.

Check out our This Month section in the magazine and online - Santa’s popping up all over town so you will definitely be able to catch him somewhere!

November 2015

Dear Connector, thanks for introducing me to Automotive Repair System. I have a few minor bumps and scratches on my car and was always under the impression that to get repairs done to the paintwork I required a police report and a letter from the insurance company. I’ll be booking my car in for a much needed facelift. From Colin. B.

Dear Louise, the Sarah Brook story coverage in last month’s issue has been the best inspirational read. Such humanitarian based case studies always catch my attention and take me back to my previous experience in the social sector. There is no other noble job than being in the community with effected people, who need your moral and financial help. I am really impressed with the work and with Sarah Brook’s life time objective. Sami Khan

Loved the smoothie recipes from Stephanie in October’s issue. Normally I drink juices and then feel absolutely starving about 20 minutes later but hers are really thick and “chewing” them makes me feel fuller, thanks Stephanie!

Hi Louise, it was good to read the article on Halloween safety. Many of the back streets in the area, where we live, are not lit and every year I see children walking in the streets on Halloween. I don’t really approve of the whole trick or treat concept and would never allow my children to knock on the doors of strangers and ask for sweets. However, thanks for drawing people’s attention to the dangers that Halloween can bring. Best regards, Ana

October 2015

Connector, Dubai

Hi Louise, I’m really enjoying all the animal stuff in the magazine! I read about the modelling agency for animals in the recent issue. My dog is such a show off and I’m definitely going to get in touch with them to arrange a photo shoot. Cheers, Vicky

Connector, Dubai

It was lovely reading your article on the importance of calcium in children’s nutrition. Ever since, I’ve made it a habit of including calcium-rich foods in every meal my children have. From Maggie

Connector, Dubai

Thanks for covering the ARTE craft market this month. I’m new to Dubai and I picked up a copy of Connector at my son’s new school. As a fellow crafter, it was really interesting to read all about other crafters in the city. I may even get involved. Regards, Caroline P.

Connector, Dubai

In a city as trendy as Dubai, juicing is definitely the next big thing. Your article on fruit juices was a lovely piece. While I’ve always gone for orange, I think I’ll be trying different fruit juices now that I know their benefits! Sincerely, Layan

Connector, Dubai

Dear Connector, Each month I read about Dubai’s cats and dogs that are looking for a home. Even though I’m unable to have any more pets at the moment, I just wanted to thank the Connector team for giving these poor guys space in the magazine. Thanks, from Nimesh

September 2015

Fat fighting foods, connector, health

Really liked the article on fat fighting foods last month - though I admit I was surprised to see peanut butter on there! I might even reconsider adding it to my diet, though I’m not really a fan! Nancy

Lama Younis, Dubai

I enjoyed reading the interview with Lama Younis in the August issue. What an inspirational woman and a great example of what can be achieved if you have the drive and the passion to make a change in the world. Best regards, Judith

Lollies, summer, dubai

Loved the summer lollies to make with the kids! They were delicious but I wish you’d warned me about the mess afterwards! Narja

foster, connector, dubai

It was great to see the article in the August issue about pet fostering. My husband and I have done this many times over the years and it is hugely rewarding. To take a nervous and unhappy dog and help them learn how to trust and enjoy life again is, for us, what life is all about. We ended up keeping our last foster dog and can’t imagine life without him! Well done Connector for highlighting this topic. Yours, Lynette

August 2015

connector, dubai, letters

I really enjoyed your interview with sailor Sam Davies. What an amazing woman and an example of what can be achieved when you have determination and a passion. It just shows you can be anything you want to be in life. I’m really enjoying the series on inspirational women in the magazine. Best regards, Gillian

recipe, connector, dubai, letters

Dear Connector, I loved last month’s recipe for summer soup. I always read recipes but never seem to get around to trying them, but I had some ladies for lunch yesterday and decided to give it a go as it was just so hot. Incredibly easy and absolutely delicious...everyone loved it! Audrey

connector, dubai, letters

Great to see your selection of mini breaks in Connector. My husband is unable to take any leave this summer so we have decided to take some long weekends and holiday closer to home. There are some amazing offers at the local hotels and resorts - keep them coming! Thanks! From Danielle

connector, dubai, letters

Hi Louise, thanks for the info on places that are open for lunch during Ramadan. My friend was visiting and as non-fasters it saved us a lot of time knowing where to go. From Saskia

July 2015

Hi Louise, it was great to see you drawing attention to child nutritionist Annabel Karmel in the latest issue of Connector. My son is six and has always been very difficult when it comes to eating. He was very underweight at one point which was very upsetting. Some time ago I started to use some of Annabel’s methods and recipes and he is getting much better. I can highly recommend her. Regards, Mona.

connector, dubai, letters

Well done to Connector for the info on looking after pets in the summer months. It’s a year round problem here in the UAE, but it makes my blood boil when I see people walking their dogs or leaving them in the car. So much education is needed on this as many owners just don’t seem to understand that they’re very often risking their pet’s life… just by not thinking, or maybe they just don’t care. Dogs are just like us… if you’re hot then they are too!!! From Mark


Great cover and feature in June’s issue! I’ve always seen personal trainers as a bit too boot camp for my liking but I love that Nadine specialises in women and I like the idea that it’s more of a lifestyle transformation. Nadine’s clearly very passionate about what she does! Rebecca


Loved the Ramadan Iftar offers page last month. Although my family and I do not celebrate, we do love the Iftar buffets on offer – hope to see more! I was also wondering do you know what restaurants are still operation as normal i.e. still serving lunch throughout Ramadan. Thanks! Eloise x

connector, dubai, letters

I adore Katie Holmes and always wondered how she managed to achieved such fab hair all the time – professional blow-dries aside! Willing to give Alterna a try if it can get me hair like that! Vanessa

June 2015

connector, dubai, letters

Hi Connector, thank you for covering the upcoming local designers in your fashion section last month. I’m a fashion student, studying here in Dubai, and I notice many magazines don’t seem to include the collections from designers in this region. They seem to focus on the more well known brands. I really loved the Egyptian label Three Fifty Nine! From Amani


Dear Louise, the mums at school were talking about summer camps and that they always get the details from Connector each year. When will you be putting information up your website? Pia

connector, dubai, letters

I read the article on oils in the May issue of Connector and was surprised to see that you didn’t include coconut oil. I use it once a week on my hair and also on my skin as a fantastic moisturiser. It’s really amazing and very cheap in Carrefour! I will also try some of the oils that you recommended in your article, but I’m doubtful that they’ll be as good. Coconut oil is pretty unbeatable! Regards, Maureen


Hi, do you have any idea where we could experience a traditional Iftar meal during Ramadan? Our friends are coming for a holiday soon and are keen to do as many cultural things as they can while they are here. Best regards, Anne

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