UAE Government Revises The Holiday List

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has updated the dates of official public holidays and tweeted the new list on Sunday, 8 September.

According to the new list, there are four days of public holidays remaining for rest of the year. The first public holiday of the four remaining is the Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) Birthday, which falls on 12 of the Hijri month, Rabi Al Awwal, which is likely to fall on Saturday, 9 November as per the Gregorian calendar.

In the holiday list released previously on March 5 this year, the public holiday for Commemoration Day was on Sunday, 1 December, however now the holiday has been moved back to Saturday, 30 November, followed by the National Day holidays on Monday, 2 December and Tuesday, 3 December, which means that, as now Sunday, 1 December is currently not a holiday, there is no longer a long weekend coming up.


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