Dubai In The Top Ten Safest Cities In The World

According to a new survey published by crowd-sourced global database website Numbeo, Dubai has been confirmed as one of the top ten safe cities to live and work.

The ratings were given based on a global index of crime derived from the selected group of nearly 70,000 people residing in 330 cities, who were asked their views on how they feel about their safety in their cities, including issues of crime and discrimination.

On the list, UAE’s capital city Abu Dhabi has been named as the safest city for third year in a row and Dubai has scored 6th rank on the list.

Abu Dhabi tallied an impressive 89.39 in the safety index and 10.61 in the crime index. Dubai scored 83.43 in the safety index and 16.57 for crime.

Also joining Dubai in the top 10 are Doha, Qatar; Quebec City, Canada; Taipei, Taiwan; Munich, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; Bern, Switzerland; Hong Kong and Eskisehir, Turkey.

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