Website To Report Animal Cruelty And Unsafe Food Quickly

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) has launched the online ‘biosecurity early notification system’ allowing UAE residents to report cases of cruelty to animals and distribution of unsafe food products quickly and simply.

The system is divided into three categories.

Animal Development and Health helps users to report all sorts of cruelty to animals and incidents related to infectious diseases of animals.

Agricultural Development and Health category allows for early identification of pests to prevent major crop losses.

Food Safety category can be used to report unsafe food products which include food stored in unsanitary conditions, food products that are misleading to the consumer, contaminated, non-halal, or expired, as well as those that have caused food poisoning or an allergic reaction after consumption.

The website has been designed for Arabic as well as English readers to make it available to large audiences, creating a sound data base to protect and preserve the environment.

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