Adnoc Waives Attendant Fee

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has launched a special campaign for its customers this summer. The Dhs 10 fees to have an Adnoc attendant pump petrol is being waived at all Adnoc petrol stations between 11am and 5pm every day.

The free service extends to all customers in the month of July, and Adnoc Wallet customers can continue to avail the benefit in August as well.

The Adnoc Wallet service allows customers to pay for fuel with a pre-paid smart tag.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Adnoc Distribution Acting CEO says the fee was waived for Adnoc Wallet customers “to make refuelling during the hottest part of the day more comfortable.”

Adnoc introduced premium and self-service schemes at all its petrol pumps in Abu Dhabi in July last year. The service has a Dhs 10 fee for motorists that prefer petrol station staff to pump fuel in their car, alternatively they can save the extra charges by filling up themselves.

However, Adnoc has exempted certain residents from paying the extra Dhs 10 for this service. In its official twitter account the petrol company announced that the elderly and people of determination can use the 'premium service' without any extra charge.


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